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Very Highly Recommended Alpenglow Asphyxiation Kai The Orb Woman DMT & Changa 2018 Sep 24
Very Highly Recommended The Power and The Glory Netrunner Pharmahuasca (Harmaline & 5-MeO-DMT) & DMT 2004 Jul 07
Highly Recommended If There Is a God, He Loves Fractals CrazyEngineer Mescaline, LSD, DMT, XLR-11 2014 Sep 10
Highly Recommended Hierarchies of Hyperspace A Collection Psychedaniellia DMT (with 4-HO-MiPT, 4-AcO-DiPT, LSD, DPT, Ketamine, Methoxetamine, 5-MeO-DMT, Nitrous Oxide, & MDMA) 2014 May 16
Highly Recommended Gifts Made Out of the Space Between Psychedaniellia Mushrooms, B. caapi, & DMT 2014 May 07
Highly Recommended Museum of Spectacles Donovan DMT, Mushrooms & Alcohol 2013 Jun 08
Highly Recommended One Beautiful Hit WaterBongs DMT 2012 Apr 11
Highly Recommended Level by Level FritzTheCat 25C-NBOMe & DMT (?) 2011 Oct 07
Highly Recommended The Realization of Love Jackdarko DMT 2010 Sep 22
Highly Recommended Beyond the Void Vipassana Meditator DMT 2010 Aug 12
Highly Recommended The Weekend At The Edge Of The Universe Sparticus Mushrooms - P. cubensis, LSD, 2C-B, MDMA (Ecstasy), DMT, Ketamine, Mescaline & Cannabis 2008 Jun 21
Highly Recommended Feels Like Rolling for Twelve Hours Hypersphere MDMA, Cacti - T. bridgesii & DMT 2007 Dec 01
Highly Recommended Take the Third Toke! Bong Man DMT 2006 May 31
Highly Recommended I Got It Figured Out bluedolphin DMT & Cannabis 2005 Oct 20
Highly Recommended Mother Spirit Awaits universal shaman DMT 2004 Sep 28
Highly Recommended Interpretations of Your Mind The Reverend Mushrooms & DMT 2003 Apr 29
Highly Recommended Infinity of the Now Synchrojet DMT 2002 Jul 25
Highly Recommended Otherworldly Bewilderness SFos DMT 2000 Jun 15
Recommended Slip Inside This House As They Have Done NA Brown DMT & Cannabis 2020 Nov 09
Recommended Embracing the Milky Ways Spiral Arms Makuna DMT 2020 Oct 14
Recommended The First One Is Always Free SF88E DMT 2020 Jul 24
Recommended Just a Taste sentient being DMT 2020 Jun 04
Recommended Fusion Diode DiPT & DMT 2019 Mar 29
Recommended Hyperdimensional: Best Event in My Life Ijdfoiodi DMT 2019 Jan 12
Recommended One With the Universe I Was Welcomed Will Wonka DMT 2018 Mar 08
Recommended Spinning into Our Own Control sockrates DMT & Phenethylamines 2017 Dec 30
Recommended Inhabited By An Entity Turiya DMT 2017 Dec 08
Recommended Be Prepared to Be Utterly Unprepared... DJ-DDP DMT 2017 Oct 10
Recommended Journeys with the Sacred Spice: A Collection Cailieg DMT 2016 Dec 11
Recommended Unfathomably Beautiful Just Some Guy DMT 2016 Oct 29
Recommended Cube Dimension Gcccc DMT & Cannabis 2016 Feb 07
Recommended You Can't Handle the Truth Drew LSD & DMT 2016 Feb 07
Recommended Opening the Mind Code Mushrooms, DMT, & Cannabis 2015 Dec 28
Recommended Going Home and Coming Back Korey DMT 2013 Dec 24
Recommended The Grape Orchard on Top of the Clouds Justin DMT 2013 May 28
Recommended Universal Flight Tools Gentle Hurst DMT, Mushrooms & Cannabis 2013 May 28
Recommended You're Just as Adorable as a Muppet to DMT AdamDivesDeep DMT 2012 Nov 12
Recommended First Encounter of the Multidimensional Kind ShadowAlchemist DMT 2012 Oct 29
Recommended An Emotional Reckoning D DMT 2012 Apr 11
Recommended Spectrographic, Omni-visual and Hypergeometric Alter Native DMT 2011 Nov 26
Recommended Corporeality is Bunk Stirner DMT 2011 Apr 04
Recommended Powerful Beyond Belief Anonymous DMT 2010 Oct 27
Recommended Another Dimension Ozz DMT & Cannabis & Opium 2010 Sep 21
Recommended 'The Calling' - A Return Journey of Awakening Rising Spirit DMT & Cannabis 2010 Aug 19
Recommended Seeing What Lies Beyond Elrod DMT & Blue Lotus 2010 Aug 19
Recommended I Could No Further Mr. Mackey DMT 2010 Aug 19
Recommended Inhabitants of Another Dimension Ozzy DMT & Cannabis & Opium 2010 Jul 31
Recommended Visiting Hyperspace - Light Journey Binkie2000 DMT 2010 Jul 19
Recommended Crystal Creations Badomen8361 DMT 2009 Dec 30
Recommended REPORT: D.M.T. EXPERIENCE (1961) Al M. Hubbard DMT 2009 Apr 30
Recommended Getting on the Train with Dimitri Baker DMT 2008 Apr 16
Recommended An Extreme Love Story McH Methaqualone, Caffeine & DMT 2007 Oct 22
Recommended Psychedelic Rollercoaster Elfdancer DMT 2007 Mar 19
Recommended A Very Pleasant Experience Drumho DMT 2007 Jan 11
Recommended Communicating Raw Emotion Dondante 2C-T-21 & DMT 2006 Oct 22
Recommended Incredible 23 DMT 2005 Jun 10
Recommended Waylands Smithy Rami DMT 2004 Aug 31
Recommended Slipping through the Coil of Space and Time Fu (DMT 333) Mushrooms - P. cubensis, Syrian Rue & DMT 2003 Jul 29
Recommended Jamm Meets Dimitri Jamm DMT 2002 May 20
Recommended Womb of Everlasting Light Catfish Rivers DXM, DPT, DMT, Cannabis & Metaxalone (Skelaxin) 2002 Feb 17
Recommended Exit and Talking Heads d. m. thraam DMT 2001 Sep 23
Recommended DMT 423 Flotsam DMT 2001 Aug 25
Recommended Erotic Flower Faeries Batfink DMT 2001 Aug 09
Recommended Friends From New Dimensions Birdseye DMT 2001 May 30
The Full Guided Journey orangeentheogen DMT & 5-MeO-DMT 2022 Sep 26
Hijacked the Flavour of the Trip Lo0op DMT, Mushrooms - P. cubensis & Cannabis 2022 Mar 23
Experiencing God for the First Time Chai Lou DMT 2021 May 31
Love and Infinity Psychedelic-TypeAbra DMT 2021 Feb 07
Unbelievable Panic DMT & Cannabis 2020 Dec 04
Healed by Insectoid Energy Beings corrosivebrew DMT 2020 Apr 03
Love Is the Purpose Humbled DMT & Syrian Rue 2020 Mar 14
The Infinite Lady and Unity Alexanderthegreatttt DMT 2019 Nov 17
Emotionally Engulfed in Life SeeK DMT 2018 Aug 22
Love and the Velvet Underground zakkidee DMT 2018 Jun 18
They Were Waiting Enthulhu DMT 2018 Apr 23
No Longer Afraid and Wanted to Change the World SanfordAndSomalia DMT 2018 Apr 01
Ego Loss Nothingness Machine Elves bathroomgraffiti DMT 2018 Feb 26
Fabric of Existence, the Void anonymous000 Syrian Rue & DMT 2018 Jan 14
Heaven Is An Electronic Dance Party HappyBuddha DMT after Yoga 2017 Dec 02
On the Threshold of a Breakthrough AlexAnna DMT & Spice-Like Smoking Blend 2017 Nov 28
Tangle of Incomprehensible Rainbows nervewing 2C-C,4-AcO-DET, 5-APDB, Ephenidine, LSD, Methoxetamine, Ketamine & DMT 2017 Nov 01
Break on Through to the Other Side littlepsychonaut DMT 2017 Sep 30
At the Threshold of Unimaginable Bliss Dancing Chick DMT, Cannabis & Alcohol 2017 Sep 03
Connected to Wholeness imaginariumgirl DMT 2017 Jun 05
The Birth of Life Itself Brian LSD & DMT 2017 May 26
Alien Silhouettes and the Power of Meditation Oneiros DMT 2017 Feb 14
Convulsions From Overdose Lookeyluke DMT 2016 Jul 08
The Experiment (I Feel Cosmic) vostochnik AL-LAD & DMT 2015 Nov 17
Into the Dreamtime LizardKing DMT 2013 Dec 21
3 trips to hyperspace KJ DMT 2013 Jul 10
The Electric Ocean of Consciousness Psychedaniellia DPT, DMT, & Cannabis 2013 Jul 10
Depersonalizing Worlds upon Worlds NNDavid DMT & Synthetic Cannabis 2013 Jun 18
Handfuls of the Universe Karcinogenious DMT Cannabis 2013 Jun 17
The Year of the Dragon Shroomarathoner Mushrooms & DMT 2013 Apr 02
Third Eye Probing to Sexual Reassurance bill DMT 2013 Mar 29
Mind Meltdown robb Pharmahuasca (Syrian Rue & DMT) 2012 Nov 11
Smooth Vibrations Tor DMT 2012 Nov 06
Ineffability Explained Jibbies DMT 2012 Oct 31
The Girl Who Released My Mind G-Felix DMT 2010 Aug 02
Kaleidoscopic Leaves and Branches Hypersphere DMT & LSD 2010 May 21

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