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Highly Recommended The Full Ride GewaltHaber MDPV 2011 May 12
Recommended Most Devilish Powdered eVil Anonymous MDPV 2011 Apr 30
Recommended Not Exactly a Good Time Calipsonic MDPV 2010 Aug 31
Recommended I Told Myself I'd Never be One of Those... Chris Stimulants (Amphetamines, MDPV & Methylphenidate) 2010 Jul 31
Recommended The Pinnacle of Self Deception Synchronist MDPV 2010 Apr 02
Recommended A Cautionary Tale Almond bk-MBDB, Methylone & MDPV 2010 Mar 24
Recommended Cooking Up My First Trial Equinox 2112 MDPV 2009 Sep 26
Recommended 9,10, Never Sleep Again Calahan MDPV & Escitalopram 2009 Aug 01
Recommended An Adventure in Euphoria and Tachycardia konshuss MDPV 2008 Nov 26
Recommended A Hell of a Drug Rush / Electric MDPV 2008 Nov 26
Recommended Wickedly Addictive and Quite Fascinating MDPVagrant MDPV 2007 Apr 18
Short Term Motor Problems and Dyskinesia Winslow MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Up All Night Afterwards Zam MDPV & Ephedrine 2014 Oct 15
7 Months on the PeeVee Senselessability MDPV 2012 Nov 25
Spinning Wild Neveragain MDPV (Bath Salts) 2012 Mar 01
Interesting But Strong ChemBob MDPV 2011 Sep 03
First Time...Bad sparkles MDPV 2011 Jul 28
Another Defeat, A Lesson Learned pollsfriend MDPV 2011 Jul 28
Fearing for My Sanity Tom H. MDPV 2011 Jul 28
Antidepressant, Anti-migraine Sinnlos MDPV ('Ivory Wave') 2011 Jul 28
Paranoid Delusions Moloko Plus MDPV 2010 Nov 01
Pretty Versatile Chemical Rvan0015 MDPV 2010 Oct 07
A Positive Experience, a Drug with Some Uses HelsingTheDog MDPV 2010 Aug 31
I Went to Hell and I Saw the Abyss GRiMM MDPV 2010 Jun 10
A Dull Experience Potty MDPV 2010 Jan 24
Home Screens Negative ascii.cnt MDPV & Drug Testing 2009 May 28
Stimulated, Alert, Socially Loose anotherman MDPV & Alcohol 2009 Mar 23
Terrible Stuff thedoser MDPV 2009 Jan 25
At a Woods Party Experience Fiend MDPV & LSD 2009 Jan 25
One of My New Favourites magicalchem MDPV 2008 Jan 31
An Easy Experience, a Long Night William_Again MDPV 2007 Apr 19
Kinda Lame first time snorter Products - Bath Salts 2017 Feb 24
Very Enjoyable Haymaker MDPV 2017 Feb 24
What's Really Bad Is Coming Back to It NerdE MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Fun Until I Thought I Was Going to Die tj MDPV, Sleep Deprivation, & Police 2017 Feb 24
Useful Study Aid TheStudent MDPV ('Blue Silk') 2017 Feb 24
Redosing and Comedown Anonymous MDPV 2017 Feb 22
Pretty Much Zero Fun cryptix420 MDPV 2017 Feb 22
Overall It Wasnít Useful to Me hehadabeard MDPV 2017 Feb 20
An Fun Time Without the Shine and Dime Haylor MDPV 2017 Feb 20
A Magical Combination Iphicles 5-MeO-DALT & MDPV 2015 Dec 12
The Pitbull of Research Chemicals JFyo MDPV 2013 Jun 19
Personal Research Comedown Guide InnerExplorer MDPV 2013 Feb 21
IV. Good Gracious. StigmaShadow MDPV 2011 Aug 11
Smelly Over-Stimulated and Lime Green Bile code works MDPV 2011 Jul 28
Social Withdrawal, Stereotypy and Psychosis Tim B. MDPV 2011 Jul 28
Not So Bad OVEL MDPV 2011 May 13
Got That Moxy That Guy MDPV 2011 Apr 07
Changes to Audition balaam MDPV & AM-2201 2011 Feb 20
Blue Silk. Mild. trinsic MDPV ('Blue Silk') 2010 Nov 10
Best Times and Worst Times Andrew MDPV ('White Rush') 2010 Nov 10
Where's The Special? Rayman MDPV 2010 Nov 04
Unsure Seraphic Luna MDPV 2010 Oct 27
A Dull Injection CR MDPV 2010 Aug 31
Monkey Dust Fluffun MDPV 2010 Aug 31
The Orgasm Engine WaterIntoGold 4-Methoxymethcathinone (Methedrone), MDPV & Cannabis 2010 Aug 31
A Deadly Combination? CommissarioB Ketamine, 2C-D & MPDV 2010 Jun 23
First Dark Experience with Stimulants notrabssor MDPV, Methlyone, Cannabis, Alcohol & Sleep Deprivation 2010 Apr 30
Panic Attacks - Read the Label Kids! psych0naut MDPV 2010 Mar 26
Good Enhancement for a Night Out with the Lads elecraglide Mephedrone, Methylone, MDPV & Butylone 2010 Feb 17
An Insane Feeling of Euphoria annonymous MDPV 2010 Feb 16
Better than Meth Elfspice MDPV 2009 Jan 25
Learning AuraithX MDPV 2007 Apr 18
You Canít Just Go Around Smoking Orgasms Pralus MDPV 2024 Mar 05
Clearness of Mind, Powerful Aphrodisiac Aeon traveller MDPV 2019 Sep 03
Electric Neon Land B. Tootherye 2C-I, MDPV, Trazodone & Spice Product 2018 Jan 10
My Addiction Takes Place Within Constraints le branleur MDPV 2017 Feb 24
An Appetiser for Education Theskyhighatrist MDPV 2017 Feb 24
One Hell of a Drug Go Beats MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Over a Two-Month Period Thomas MDPV 2017 Feb 24
That Inevitable 'Itch' Coming On The Drug Dumpster MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Master Your High RC Yogi MDPV 2017 Feb 24
I Really Don't Think It's Safe Barney MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Not as Terrifying as I Thought cherry MDPV 2016 Jan 21
I Need Some Advice Glenn MDPV 2012 Jul 24
Slightly Paronoid chrisT84 MDPV 2012 Jan 21
Possible Antidepressant or Anxiolytic? Rocket Methoxetamine & MDPV 2011 Dec 03
Heart Failure Leading to Death Draco MDVP 2011 Jul 07
Seemingly Real Paranoid Hallucination Hell Trippy MDPV 2011 Jun 30
Prolonged Use Horrid Long-Term Effects superficies MDPV 2011 Mar 23
Nasalen Experimente Andreas K. MDPV & Morphine (sustained release; Substitol) 2011 Feb 21
Usage Multiple Times cny psychedelic MDPV 2011 Jan 13
Prying Open My Third Eye T. Banson LSD, MDPV & Mushrooms 2010 Oct 28
It's What's for Dinner Coirage MDVP 2010 Sep 14
A Powerful Tool for Radical Changes Choza MDPV 2010 Jul 30
Don't Ever Mix RC's Uncle_bud Methylone, MDPV & Mephedrone 2010 May 18
Very Like Crack dougie m. MDPV 2010 Apr 29
When Will It Stop jim MDPV 2010 Apr 05
Like Speed gizmo MDPV 2010 Mar 26
Psychosis Some Guy MDPV 2010 Mar 22
Diet MDE Eat_Some_LSD MDPV 2006 May 31
Worst Comedown In A Long Time AndyS MDPV 2018 Jan 22
Not an MDMA Substitute Brain_Damage MDPV 2017 Mar 30
So Powerful hoot10 MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Time for Bed? wowow MDPV, Cannabis & Alcohol 2017 Feb 24
Like There Is No Parachute avedon MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Films Stims Wild Eyed Excursions SKuM MDPV 2017 Feb 24
Overall It Was a Good High Reeferman MDPV, JWH-018 2017 Feb 24
Empathy and Energy Not Too Much Euphoria... Chachi MDPV ('White Horse') 2017 Feb 24
I Love This Stimulant NoOneImportant MDPV 2017 Feb 24

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