Caffeine (also No-Doz; Vivarin; Energy Drink) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Recommended A Bag Full of Bad Ideas LFK Caffeine 2013 Nov 14
Always Use A Spoon CoffeeDude Caffeine (Coffee) 2010 Apr 17
Dear God, Please Spare Me Tonight Nick Caffeine 2009 Jul 25
More like No-Fun Oolong Caffeine 2008 Mar 14
Zoning and Speeding Where-Am-I Caffeine, Pharmaceuticals & Migraines 2008 Feb 23
A Scary Climax to an Addiction Stereophonic Caffeine 2007 Nov 16
My Heart Is On Fire Union J. Codeine, Caffeine & Cannabis 2007 Jun 12
Caffeine and Sports Rear Admiral Caffeine 2007 Jun 08
Yellow Vomit Close to Modern Caffeine 2007 May 10
My Head Hurts Erica Caffeine 2007 May 10
Myths and a Panic Attack Anonymous Caffeine 2006 Aug 20
A Whole New Respect for Living Lord Maul Caffeine 2006 Jul 08
My Life's Edge Koorac Caffeine 2006 Jun 18
Real Firewater Hobbit Animals - Fire Ants & Coffee 2006 May 30
Puke Yellow Nightchild12 Caffeine 2001 Dec 17
Total Sensory Overload turtlebeach Methylphenidate (Concerta) & Coffee 2023 Aug 04
A Fear Response to Sleep Psychedcopath Caffeine, Kratom, Silene capensis & Cannabis - High CBD 2022 Sep 30
Of Swaying Trees and Dancing Leaves Dancing Leaves Huperzine A & Caffeine 2020 Jul 01
Think Before You Leap.... Soren Caffeine (tablets) 2020 Apr 20
Surprise Result Elvira Caffeine 2020 Mar 23
Barely Avoided a Medical Examination Gernotti Modafinil & Caffeine 2020 Mar 22
Ruined My New Year's Tony Totosh Caffeine 2015 Dec 31
The English Paper Confused Caffeine 2011 May 04
Anything in Excess is a Bad Thing Anchia Caffeine & Sleep Deprivation 2011 May 04
A Horrible Day At Work Jay-Tee-En Caffeine (Coffee) & Cannabis 2010 Apr 17
Caf-fiendish Experience Sam Caffeine 2010 Apr 17
E.T. with Sharp Teeth Hdasher Caffeine 2010 Apr 17
One Large Cappuccino With Anxiety, Please wingz99 Caffeine 2010 Apr 12
Curled Up in a Ball Doggie Caffeine 2009 Oct 04
Legal but Dangerous SP Caffeine (Coffee) 2008 Jan 11
Worst Drug Experience I've Had SNK Caffeine & Cannabis 2007 Nov 15
Thought I Was Gonna Die... FoolBinger Caffeine & DXM 2007 Aug 29
April Fool’s Day Peth Caffeine 2007 Jul 25
Paranoia and Hallucinations Phantom Caffeine 2007 Jun 25
Columbia Had Nothing on Me Cade Dakmor Caffeine 2007 Jun 13
Euphoria and Paronoia Ramonesdude Caffeine 2006 Dec 25
Call the Paramedics Neogbf Coffee 2006 Oct 30
Stimulant Clarity, Spiritual Growth, and Fear Guinness Methylphenidate, Amphetamines & Caffeine (with psych meds) 2005 Dec 15
Nasty Body Feeling Jesper Caffeine 2004 Dec 07
Physically Sick & Panic Attack Ani Caffeine 2004 Dec 01
Death Blooms gODHEAD Caffeine 2003 Apr 17
Ooh the Deception! Sleepyhead Caffeine 2002 Aug 27
An Almost Dangerous Amount of Caffeine Amber_Method Caffeine 2001 Aug 19
I have shit for brains Goddess Caffeine 2000 Sep 08
Panic Attack and Palpitating Heart Stars Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Never Again ECGirlie Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Caffeine, stange noises, and sleep paralysis Doppelgänger Caffeine 2000 Jul 16
Acute Manic Attack Crackerboy O'Brien Caffeine 2000 Jun 14
I Stimulated Myself Into Uselessness Golem Yohimbe & Caffeine 2021 Apr 14
Just Like E Kronik kris DXM & Coffee 2020 Oct 22
Never Trying Again Rtkcomics Caffeine 2020 Oct 14
Nausea Accompanied by Stomach Cramps Trendal Ephedrine, Synephrine, Caffeine 2019 Oct 14
I Think It Was That Energy Shot smoking Cannabis, Caffeine & Sleep Deprivation 2019 Jul 09
Stung by Yellow Jackets Kitten Caffeine 2019 Jun 21
A Night in Hell Zifko Caffeine 2018 Oct 16
Easily the Worst Experience I've Ever Had EdwardE Dimenhydrinate & Caffeine 2018 Jul 19
The Night It Wasn't My Friend Blue Zinnia Caffeine 2018 Jul 19
Twitch, Twitch Robonaut Caffeine 2011 May 04
Oh My Christ Thendamas Caffeine 2007 Jun 25
Hellish Nightmare Scorpio Caffeine 2007 Jun 19
The Devil's Drug Anonymous Caffeine 2007 Jun 15
Overdose Planet Toker432 Caffeine 2007 Jun 13
Was I Hit in the Head with a Hammer? Adrohak Caffeine 2007 Jan 19
Tuning My Conciousness A Stimulated Soul Cannabis & Caffeine 2005 Jul 05
Dying Friend? Scared2death Diphenhydramine & Caffeine 2005 May 20
I Thought It'd Kill Me Cozmikgirl Caffeine 2004 Mar 17
I Began to Suspect That I'd Injested Too Much Byrd Caffeine 2003 Jun 21
Seizures On My Bathroom Floor LuLu Ephedrine, Caffeine (Xenadrine) & Alcohol 2002 Nov 27
Bad Time For A Caffeine Addict Bryan Caffeine (Vivarin) 2002 Mar 26
Railin' No-Doz cheef Caffeine & Cannabis 2002 Jan 03
Hell On Two Feet Misskyedid Caffeine 2001 Nov 28
It'll Be Okay in Lower Doses... t3en3y Caffeine 2020 Oct 20
I Never Knew Thee Curious Darius Caffeine 2020 Jun 24
Mixing These Two Drugs Is a Horrible High Michael H Alcohol & Caffeine 2019 Jun 04
I've Been Having Breathing Troubles Cool_Kid Caffeine 2018 Jul 26
Awful Indigestion mehman Caffiene 2018 May 23
Speed Demon!!! Blm22 Caffeine 2018 Feb 14
Superconductor mikimous caffeine 2018 Feb 14
Not Fun and Burned Cafag Caffeine 2017 Sep 27
Good High With a Bad Ending amplonewolf Caffeine, Diazepam & Ketamine 2017 Aug 06
Questionable Delirium The Undertow Unknown Muscle Relaxant, Cannabis & Caffeine 2013 May 10
Complete Utter Desperation to Escape UnderTheTable Caffeine 2005 Jan 13
Almost Overdosed N/A Caffeine 2004 Nov 01
Caffeine Sweats AndrewR Caffeine 2003 Oct 29
An Unforseen Mixture the fallen AMT 2002 May 03
Really Bad Day At School Big Mike Caffeine 2000 Oct 23

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