Methamphetamine (also Meth; Crystal Meth; Ice; Crank; Desoxyn) Reports - Difficult Experiences
Difficult Experiences
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Highly Recommended My Last Days as a Meth Addict Heidi Marie Methamphetamine 2007 Jul 03
Recommended Early-Morning Dementia Tyutchev Nutmeg & Methamphetamine 2007 Apr 24
A Drug That Can Easily Take Over a Life JuicyJay Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
Suicidal Recovery somatose Methamphetamine, alprazolam, zolpidem, codeine & cannabis 2013 Oct 03
One Full Week of Straight Hell! Sweetherb Methamphetamine & MDMA (Ecstasy) 2007 May 26
Treat it Like a Loaded Gun ElectronPusher Methamphetamine 2006 Sep 27
Watch Out for the Black Ice HopeLives Methamphetamine 2005 Nov 16
Extremely Confused, Irritable, and Scared Gnostikoi Methamphetamine 2003 Dec 12
I Still Get Terrified anon Alcohol, Cigarettes & Methamphetamine 2023 Jun 28
An Awful 18 Hours James Methamphetamine 2019 Jul 22
No Regrets- Just Hard Lessons Learned! Still Sane Methamphetamine 2018 Nov 20
It Felt Like They Were Real Saint-Sinner Methamphetamine, Lorazepam, Mirtazepine & Unknown 2018 Aug 14
Booty Bump: What Not to Do last time user Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
Unexpected Hallucinations grosshappiness Methamphetamine & Zaleplon 2018 Aug 09
The Craziest Night of My Life The Beard Methamphetamine 2018 Jun 07
I Thought I Was Dying PoWeRaNiMaL420 Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 03
Expelled From School Victoria Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 03
Exhausted Speed speedyweed Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 19
Nothing Worth Doing; I was Up All Night Leah Methamphetamine 2017 Aug 02
Doubling the Dosage - OD Injection IncompleteHalf Methamphetamine 2015 Oct 09
Hate, Hate, Love? Relationship bobthebuilder Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2009 Apr 09
Shooting It Is the Devil LLamarama Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 15
Decay of Reality LostInSpace Cannabis, MDMA & Methamphetamine 2005 Sep 05
Is the Paranoia Real? Lucius Methamphetamine 2005 Aug 22
What the Hell Was I Thinking BongLoad Methamphetamine 2005 Aug 10
The Door to True Misery Chronic 311 Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 21
Three Days of Psychosis Socs Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 17
Three Days of Use - Aftereffects Prolixity Methamphetamine 2004 Aug 20
Some Drugs Aren't Meant for Everyone Natas Methamphetamine 2002 Jan 11
Amphetamine-Induced Psychosis Lenore Methamphetamine & Amphetamine 2001 Oct 08
PCP and Crystal Meth = bad idea Suedehead PCP & Methamphetamine 2000 Oct 29
The Very Angry Lady This Is Not Me Methamphetamine, Mushrooms, Ecstasy & Nitrous Oxide 2000 Sep 09
Watch Your Ticker! Shaft Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Too Much CR Dabogda Methamphetamine 2000 Jun 25
Damn Rookies cheshire cat Methamphetamine 2021 Jun 13
Something Very Sinister About It alphabetsoups Methamphetamine 2020 Oct 27
Addictive Narcosis Charlotte B. Methamphetamine, Heroin & Cocaine 2018 Aug 23
Tweaking Is Not Fun Anonymous Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
Insane Hallucinations - The Worst Idea Mzzzy Alcohol, Methamphetamine & Zopiclone 2018 Aug 09
The Spiders! The SPIDERS!!! mayz413 Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
Too Much, No Sleep, No Food, Bad Combo ME Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 21
Anger, Rage, Confusion, Depression... MsBritney Methamphetamine 2009 Jun 08
Group Therapy and a Crash SPECIALEFFECT Methamphetamine 2007 Apr 16
Be Careful Greenlantern Methamphetamine 2003 Feb 12
Spinnin Like a Top at School ShAdY C Methamphetamine 2019 Sep 12
Convinced I Was Going to Drop Dead timim DXM (with CPM) & Methamphetamine 2018 Dec 13
When I Lose the Ability to Reason Shade C Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 01
Once Every Six Months stupidhead Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
Going Crazy smak LSD & Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 14
Get the Jumper Cables Out...... wackdang Methamphetamine 2018 May 22
Another Day in Hell jaded Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 21
It Sent Me to the Pits of Hell Mandy Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 07
Hurricane Lance Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2007 Dec 05
Never Again Weirdo Methamphetamine 2003 Jun 23

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