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Any reports with Pharms - Fentanyl
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Highly Recommended On the Good Ship Lollipop Matt Himself Fentanyl (Actiq) 2007 Feb 26
Recommended With No Tolerance, A Horrible Idea Andrew Fentanyl 2017 Apr 14
Recommended Patch Overdose and Four Day Hell TMG Fentanyl 2014 Sep 18
Recommended Opiate Reviews and Overviews Morphitron Oxycodone, Morphine, Buprenorphine, Methadone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Codeine & Tramadol 2013 Jan 01
Recommended Solution to all Problems Serotone Fentanyl 2012 Feb 09
Recommended It was Well Worth It Small time druggie Fentanyl 2007 Mar 28
Recommended Withdrawal Effects and the Whole Self Darksunnymeadow Fentanyl 2007 Feb 06
Recommended Eats at Something in your Soul Amorphous_blue Fentanyl 2007 Jan 30
Recommended Various Methods of Ingestion Cactushead Fentanyl 2006 Jun 10
From Relaxing to Overdose to Withdrawal Dinar Narlad Fentanyl (patch) 2021 Jul 07
Foggy Dreamland Lonesome Ghost Fentanyl & Midazolam 2021 Jun 15
Like Walking on a Big Puffy Cloud smash Fentanyl 2016 Jan 07
So Much Bad Press... Alley_Viper Fentanyl 2016 Jan 07
Lucky To Be Alive Roo Fentanyl & Midazolam (during MDMA comedown) 2016 Jan 07
False Pain The_Ironpimper Fentanyl 2016 Jan 07
Fentastic Fentanyl Crustacean Fentanyl 2016 Jan 07
A Shortcut to Death Bran Man Fentanyl & Cannabis 2009 Feb 05
My Prescription ChronicK Fentanyl 2008 Feb 29
Relaxation on a Blotter Psych0naut Fentanyl 2007 Jul 30
Triple Header BlackPanther Midazolam, Fentanyl & Promethazine 2007 Jul 23
The Upside Of Surgery Tattered and Torn Midazolam, Fentanyl, Morphine & Oxycodone (with Acetaminophen) 2007 Jul 23
Opiate Addiction Destroys Ambition P Bro Opiates 2007 May 10
Numb & Aware D. Theman Piracetam & Fentanyl 2007 May 01
72 Hours of Bliss Dug Fentanyl 2007 Apr 25
To What Lengths I Would Go LSDose Opiates 2007 Apr 09
Effective, but not Euphoric Horse Doc Fentanyl (Patch) 2006 Dec 11
Overdosed Whoops Speed Weeder Fentanyl 2006 Apr 24
Taken Licitly in Hospital, Mixed Results KachinaDoll Fentanyl 2005 Sep 16
Mixed Results rhea Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Not What I Expected words0fw1sd0m Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Licit Experiences murky303 Fentanyl 2002 Jul 24
Pleasurable Poppies OxyFace Poppy Seed Tea & Fentanyl 2022 Sep 27
Playing With My Life noturtypicaljunkie Fentanyl 2022 Mar 24
Slightly Unpleasant Sleepdust Fentanyl 2020 Oct 24
Limited Supply Green Light into the rabbithole Midazolam & Fentanyl 2018 Jun 28
More Potent Than I Thought TooManyOpiates Fentanyl 2018 May 08
Ultimate Pain Management - Horrifying Withdrawal zednoor Fentanyl 2016 Jun 23
I Died on Christmas Eve IdiotPatchChewer Fentanyl (patch) 2015 Dec 24
My Lifelong Nightmare nomatter Fentanyl (patch) 2015 Nov 23
Snorting the Gel DejectionVector Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Immense Wave of Calmness BMiK! Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
A Day of Bliss, a Night of Nirvana Zilla Oxycodone, Fentanyl & Cannabis 2010 Mar 21
Best Lollipop Ever First Timer Fentanyl & Cannabis 2010 Mar 21
One Single Drop Eltigre Fentenyl 2010 Mar 21
Transported to the Jungle MisterYoux Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Last Ditch Effort Bleezenthal Fentanyl, Hydromorphone (Dilaudid), Amphetamines & Migraines 2009 Jun 19
Lucid Dreaming Legend Fentanyl 2008 May 17
Mom Misty DXM & Fentanyl 2008 Feb 16
Smoked Michael Fentanyl 2008 Jan 19
Long Term Medical Use, Withdrawal, Overdosing Namaste Fentanyl 2007 Nov 07
Good Effin Times Sm0ke42o Fentanyl 2007 Oct 22
Legal experiences with Fentanyl Soren Fentanyl (Lollipops & Patches) 2006 Jul 18
Entering a World of Death Big Steve Fentanyl 2005 Jan 04
Chasing the Dragon shiva Fentanyl 2004 Oct 20
Lollipops vs. Patches ML Fentanyl 2004 Aug 18
I'll Never Do That Again Nick Fentanyl 2004 Apr 23
Extracted from Patches Explorer Fentanyl 2004 Mar 02
Astoundingly Slow Time-to-Effect Nonaht Leyte Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Three-day Dosing for Pain anonymous Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Floating in the Clouds ionic/aaronumbra Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
Waves of Relaxation The Man of Decency Fentanyl 2004 Mar 01
My Dosages for Pain Chuck Palmer Fentanyl & Morphine 2004 Feb 26
The Effect Of Extreme Nothingness Bachmeister Fentanyl 2002 Feb 12
Fentanyl Goo Goes Bad... ChinaCaucasian Fentanyl, LSD & MDMA 2001 Dec 25
Blotto Woodsong Fentanyl 2021 Sep 08
Chasing the Dragon Ryan Fentanyl 2021 Feb 02
Little Blob Jennytalia Fentanyl 2020 Oct 19
Opiate Bliss With the Itch Opiater Fentanyl 2020 Jan 27
Cosmic Dream State Magnar Fentanyl & Hydrocodone with Ibuprofen 2019 Jun 30
The Good Bad and Ugly....But Its the Truth Kiwi Fentanyl 2018 Dec 18
Easiest Way to Beat Addiction Hands Down TheLight Ibogaine & Fentanyl 2018 May 18
Euphoric Vomiting phallout Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
Lollipop Flop WeaponX Fentanyl 2017 Nov 02
In a Rather Cold Operating Room Datcat Fentanyl, Hydrocodone & Diphenhydramine 2016 Dec 12
Got Sucked in and Couldn't Stop Junkie Scientist Fentanyl 2016 Apr 28
Slowly Titrated Down Glenn Cannabis (for Fentanyl withdrawal) 2016 Jan 18
Barely Breathing Bran_Man Fentanyl 2015 Nov 30
Not a Force to Be Messed With captain kat Fentanyl 2015 Nov 11
Bleeding From the Mouth JB Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Liver Problems Gdoe93 Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Euphoric, Psychedelic Speed Weeder Fentanyl 2010 Mar 21
Almost Death matty Fentanyl 2008 Feb 11
Baking Soda Method SpinePAIN E101 Fentanyl 2008 Jan 13
China White Mercy China White Girl Fentanyl 2008 Jan 05
Be Cautious Using This Substance philadelfium Fentanyl 2004 Feb 26
M30 Inside My Soul sastrenyc Opioids (presumed Fentanyl) 2022 May 26
Ending Fetty piknar Fentanyl, Oxycodone, Methadone & GHB 2021 Dec 20
Fetty Spaghetti TattdNBlssd Fentanyl 2021 Oct 05
25 Years Later Katrina Heroin, Fentanyl & Morphine 2021 Oct 05
Fell Out, Turned Purple and Blue Savvy Fentanyl & Alprazolam 2021 Sep 10
Patch for Chronic Pain Relief Bgames Fentanyl 2020 Oct 18
Like Idiots Kept Doing Them LazyLazy Heroin (adulteration suspected) 2020 Aug 19
I Need to Be Careful With This Substance Noble Experimenter Fentanyl 2019 Nov 30
Unbelievable Wave After Wave of Soothing Warmth An Evilbeast Fentanyl 2018 Jun 28
Dazed and Confused tra Fentanyl ('China White' substituted for Heroin) 2018 Apr 29
Place Patch on Skin.....Sure..... Floridian Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
Where Am I? old stoner Fentanyl & Morphine 2018 Mar 17
It Kicked My Ass! Zack Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
A Wonderful Three Days cs Fentanyl 2018 Mar 17
I Wish I Could Take It All Back constantpain Oxycodone, Heroin & Fentanyl 2018 Jan 31

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