AMT (also IT-290) Reports - First Times
First Times
(98 Total)

Highly Recommended Slowed Down Enough to Feel suki AMT 2003 Dec 22
Recommended Complete Psychedelic Spiritual Harmony SumJosh AMT 2018 Feb 08
Recommended The Path and the Party La La AMT 2006 May 03
Recommended Psychedelic Haven Rico AMT 2005 Oct 27
Recommended No Need For Heroic Doses Usual25 AMT, Cannabis & Alcohol 2003 Jan 22
Recommended Pleasant and Visual Redemption KrazyMike69 AMT 2002 Oct 15
Recommended Having Trouble Discerning What My Body Needs Samanthe AMT 2002 Sep 28
Recommended Weed Needed sativabob AMT 2001 Jun 28
Recommended Not the 20 Hour Ride I was Expecting zackmann AMT 2001 May 29
Complete Psychedelic Spiritual Harmony SumJosh AMT 2020 May 10
Unexpected Reduction of Neuropathic Pain nightsky AMT 2017 Sep 25
Slightly High Dose for First Time Splitz AMT 2010 Dec 22
The 14 Stages of My Trip Hazy Ray Bach AMT & Cannabis 2006 Mar 01
Euphoria! A Huge Rush! Croc_HunterDM AMT & Nitrous Oxide 2005 Oct 28
It Felt Like the Flu deptstoremook AMT 2005 Aug 05
Like Ecstasy, Only More... Ecstatic John AMT 2004 Jan 22
The Blissful Vampire Camel AMT & Cannabis 2003 Dec 22
Soberness is Bliss Josh AMT 2003 Dec 22
Tracers into Fire unseelie AMT 2003 Jul 10
A Way Around the Nausea bevz AMT 2003 Apr 17
Patterns Fetus Noises and A Goose god AMT 2002 Dec 19
One of the Dumbest Things I Have Ever Done Igor AMT 2002 Dec 19
24-Hour Journey ptocheia AMT 2002 Sep 27
My Unknown Epiphany Heen AMT 2002 Sep 12
A Total Sensory Overload Jon AMT 2002 Jul 19
Shaking it Up Willamette AMT & N2O 2002 Feb 22
KittnPaws Meet....Yourself. KittnPaws AMT 2002 Feb 14
Sentimental Empathy happyone AMT 2001 Dec 31
The Demon Barber Birag AMT 2019 Sep 25
Sanity.... A Fleeting Memory Claudio AMT 2013 Jul 14
We Created an Alternate Universe Blue AMT 2012 Feb 09
Odd Reaction JustAlex AMT 2011 Jul 15
A Sick Start to a Nice Trip Sublime AMT 2008 Oct 24
I am Mega Man! Kefka AMT 2008 Sep 23
Yuck! I Want a Refund! Leila AMT 2008 Mar 17
An Unusually Good Trip Jen AMT 2008 Mar 12
Gravity Lost Dust AMT 2008 Mar 05
It was a Very Long Trip Lucida Animus AMT 2008 Jan 26
Christmas Eve C Double AMT 2008 Jan 16
How a Movie Should Look!!! K. Maintain AMT 2008 Jan 15
Bulldozer of Psychedelics Carrionhead AMT 2007 Dec 05
A Pleasant First AMT; IT-290 AMT 2007 Apr 11
A Low-Dose Sunday - Speedy Shit john random lab rat AMT 2006 Dec 22
Turn Into A Cartoon And Disappear Through The Walls Cookieguy AMT & Cigarettes 2005 Sep 21
Low Dose metasyn AMT 2005 Jul 15
Enjoyable but Exausting Jules AMT 2004 Jan 22
Onset Was Relatively Hard pedro from paris AMT 2003 Sep 04
First Time Rocketship Dgx AMT 2003 Jan 12
Multi-Day Excess Santosh Etidorpha AMT 2002 Sep 27
First Time, Low Dose, Lots of Fun Mr Gobbles AMT 2002 Sep 02
Weird Zop AMT 2002 May 16
Waking From Reality Into a Dream PyroKryo AMT 2002 May 15
A Psychedelic Superbowl Weekend Bullfrog AMT 2002 May 15
A Night of Heaven, A Day of Hell Lobster AMT 2002 May 11
Body High, Headache, & Lots of Sleep Na Fun AMT 2002 Mar 05
Oblivion and Back Leprechaun AMT 2002 Feb 25
The Ambulance on the Roof Junglist AMT 2002 Feb 25
Exactly What I Was Looking For Bomb AMT 2002 Feb 21
The First Time, A Fine Time The Doc AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 21
Very Low Dose - Unexpected Results Avvy AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 11
AMT with Friends and Loved Ones Noj AMT 2001 Sep 05
Long, But Worth It Adenosine AMT 2001 Jul 12
An Incredibly Nauseous Experience Poser AMT 2001 Apr 11
AMT Turned Me into Don Juan The Director AMT & Cannabis 2001 Apr 04
First Time Riding the Rolls Royce Harry the Flying Pig AMT & Cannabis 2001 Mar 12
After Months without Tryptamines EuFiHel AMT 2001 Feb 27
Fizzing Popping Sound Drizzle AMT 2000 Sep 08
A Low Dose Experiment Crispy AMT 2000 May 31
Bad Trip or Just Unexpected.. annonymous AMT 2020 Dec 28
Feelings Went Out Of This World scotsman AMT 2017 Oct 24
My Body is Here, But I'm Not in It Neal AMT 2009 Feb 02
A Trip Back in Time Tripper No. 9 AMT 2008 Jul 17
Fun with a Bad Ending El Kabong AMT 2008 Mar 10
Wow Professor AMT AMT 2008 Jan 31
Impossible to Have a Bad Trip ftgcritt2 AMT 2004 Mar 02
Facing My Shadow-Self Schlaze AMT 2003 Aug 30
Pretty Evil Trip Hoopty McGee AMT & Cannabis 2003 Apr 08
A Pleasant Mellow and Long Experience Sketchy Steve AMT 2002 Sep 27
The First Time Glow BBKF AMT 2002 Jul 31
A Vacillation from Seclusion to Normality Kool-Aid AMT 2002 Jul 21
World Cup AMT dicky AMT 2002 Jul 02
Overwhelming Feelings and Long Duration Devilman AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 25
A Day of Bliss Stato AMT & Cannabis 2002 Feb 22
My Throw Up Night Celest AMT 2002 Feb 18
A Long Happy Ride Maison AMT 2002 Jan 11
New Found Funhouse CrazyRache AMT 2021 Jan 12
This Stuff Just Doesn't Know When to Quit latexsanta AMT 2016 Nov 30
An Awesome Experiance Lewis and Stu AMT 2008 Jul 17
I Thought I Was Going to Die Julie AMT 2004 Mar 02
Life is Amazing Adrina AMT 2002 Sep 02
Hyper And Happy Inside sammy AMT 2002 Jun 30
Do Not Listen To Your Friends alex AMT 2002 Jun 02
A Grinding Experience Petey AMT 2002 Feb 12
Half as Good as It Could Have Been J AMT 2001 Sep 11
AMT - Why is this legal?! j AMT 2001 Sep 04
First Time with Jaw Tension Alucard AMT, Cannabis & Percocet 2001 Aug 11
Neon Green Vomit nvksmt AMT, Cannabis 2000 Oct 27
At the High School Football Game Gockies AMT 2000 Oct 10

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