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General » » »   more   » » » [299]
Delicate Dancing With Saucy Suzy Anatoli Smorin Ketamine & S-Ketamine
Blind-folded Session in Three Phases BN Ketamine
The Border Between K-Hole and Narcosis azgaza Ketamine (racemic and S-)
Cunt Odyssey: Search for Vaginal Datapoints Scribe LSD, MDMA, 2C-B, Ketamine, & Alprazolam
Field of Consciousness fairnymph Ketamine
A Ripping Visit to the 4th Dimension Hickory Hand Wrench Ketamine
The Buddhist Matrix georgetorwell Ketamine & Opium
Plugging into the Control Panel Bttnkdcatburglar Ketamine
Undershooting with Special-K dankskank Ketamine
Come with Me on a Journey Through Space Exoxo Ketamine

First Times » » »   more   » » » [158]
Amazing First-time Experience in the K-hole Phaeton Ketamine
Acid Answers Questions About Reality Graham LSD & Ketamine
Through the Fog with the Dog Uncle Iroh 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine, Ketamine & Wine
Conceptual Apocalypse Regis_L Ketamine
Not All I Was Hoping For jaggerjack Ketamine
Absolute Peace H.Love Ketamine
Christopher K-lumbus Ketamine Ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy) & Cannabis
Regretamine K Katina Ketamine
Nonverbal Communication Will Ketamine
Just Let Go Completely SkiBum Ketamine & Cannabis

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [356]
Embracing Shallow Thoughts Anatoli Smorin Floatation Tank & Esketamine
The Maelstrom Man from Chan-Chan Ketamine, 25I-NBOMe & 25C-NBOMe
The Department of Existential Destruction Anatoli Smorin Methoxetamine, MDMA & S-Ketamine
Separating From My Flesh Carriage Anatoli Smorin Ketamine & DMT
Decimation of Mental Clutter Anatoli Smorin Floatation Tank & Esketamine
A Night Conversing with Elves Nov3 4-AcO-DMT & Ketamine
The Event-Informational Singularity Adaviri DPT & Ketamine
Best Dance Party Ever Leads to Being Reborn Alice LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis
Quite Visual with a Significant Moodlift Azgaza 2C-B, Ketamine & Hash
Reflections in the Obsidian Fountain Nowhereman 4-AcO-DMT, Ketamine & Psilocin

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [87]
A Decade Plus Love Affair Vastness Ketamine
Navigating Through K-Space Lungfish Ketamine
Different Facets of Sensory Deprivation Anatoli Smorin Floatation Tanks & Various
Seeing Where I Was Through a K-hole Z Ketamine
The S-Side of K Alex S-Ketamine
Face to Face With My Soul Alanster Monster Ketamine
Using the Metabelief Operator GodAsSpace Ketamine
How to Have a Perfect K-Hole Trig Ketamine
A Retrospective of Addiction Radium MDMA, Ketamine, Methoxetamine & Etizolam
Six Months of Daily Use undone Ketamine

Preparation / Recipes » » »   more   » » » [13]
To the Nth Dimension and Back specialkguy Ketamine
The Way K Creeps Dopey Mcgee Ketamine
A Harry Potter Khristmas Karcinogenious Cacti - T. pachanoi & Ketamine
Under the Skin Huxley4 Ketamine
Lotion Welcome to Your Life Kveikur Ketamine & Baclofen
IM Injection Method Avida Dollars Ketamine
Unimpressive Experiment Sarah Tonin Ketamine & Cannabis
Like a Shovel D-C Ketamine
Smoked Ketamine That Guy Ketamine
Crossing the Line: Intramuscular Injection scarabtree Ketamine

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [123]
Nothing but Strips of Color Sputnik Ketamine & Alcohol
Scaffolding of Universal Possibility nickthesurfer Ketamine
What Does It Feel Like to Die? WordsofTruth Ketamine
First K-hole - The True Horror Behind Reality TryptamineDreamer Ketamine
The Other White Pill neongenesis Ketamine & MDMA (Ecstasy)
Into the K-Hole Unexpectedly Old Hippie Dumbass Ketamine
Nightmare K-Hole NoMoreK-Holes Cannabis & Ketamine
A Journey to Hell and a Journey to Heaven C.O.C Ketamine
Like Being Hit By a Train Jordon (UK) Ketamine & Beer
Unexpected and Exhausting Beelissa LSD & Ketamine

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [34]
A Terrifying Dimension somegirl Ketamine
Going WAY Down The Rabbit K-Hole Celestial_ Ketamine
The Entire Multiverse Is Imploding! lazyvegan Ketamine & 2C-I
Hollow stockholmbaby Ketamine
A Night of Fear, Sex, Energy and Love Veniece 2C-E & Ketamine
Too Many Sounds Mcgrady LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis
So That's What Death Feels Like? Double D Ketamine
I Lost Control Tebrawler LSD, Hydrocodone & Ketamine
Lucky to Be Alive The X cops Mushrooms & Ketamine
I Lost the Concept of Love PJ Ketamine

Health Problems » » »   more   » » » [33]
Ketamine Health Problems The Speck Ketamine
TKO A Deadly Combination Dilligence Ketamine & Alprazolam
The Day I Should Have Died Psychanaught LSD, Ketamine, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide
Led to Panic Attacks QueenBeatrix Ketamine (with other anesthetics)
A Patient's Perspective A Patient Ketamine
A Deadly Combination? CommissarioB Ketamine, 2C-D & MPDV
Stomach Pain Caused By Abusive Usage Keyhole Ketamine
Damage by Disociatives Moonfaerie3 DXM & Ketamine
Paralyzed on One Side of the Body shhh MDMA & Ketamine
Ruined My Bladder miserykitten Ketamine

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters » » »   more   » » » [22]
Accidental High Dosage: 3-ME-Uh Oh-PCP Anatoli Smorin Ketamine & 3-MeO-PCP
Oh My God, We've Really Fucked Up Anon of Ibid AMT, MDMA, Ketamine & 2C-T-7
The Tale of an Orgy Gone Awry Gandalf 5-MeO-DiPT & Ketamine
Orally It's One Trippy Cat Blackmoon Ketamine
A Long Time in the Hole Rae LSD, Ketamine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Mother Ambien and the Ketamine Calamity Snail Zolpidem & Ketamine
Arrested mort Ketamine, Opium & Cannabis
Extremely Intoxicated and Not Thinking Rationally. Hustle Rose Ketamine, Alcohol & Cannabis
Glass Everywhere, Blood Everywhere Cringing Ketamine & Methylphenidate
I Had No Idea Andinthe3nd Ketamine & LSD

Addiction & Habituation » » »   more   » » » [40]
K Confessions Legofeel Ketamine
My Emptiness Fuckedup Ketamine
Years Ruined by K Addiction JayBee Ketamine
Ketafiend Ali K Ketamine
The Spiral Down anonymous Ketamine
Addiction, Medical Issues marie vee Ketamine
The Wonders and Evils of Kayaking Mx Dg Ld Ketamine
Shadow of My Former Self Biscuits Ketamine
Total Addiction Loren Ketamine & Various
Able to Convert Humans to Vegetables... Udiniii Ketamine

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [109]
Strings 'N' Things Psilo707 Ketamine
Our Crazy Night a Bonding Experience Sweetpea & Hunnypie LSD, MDMA & Ketamine
Exploring Space Heights and Ocean Depths DiscoGoat Ketamine
Lovely KetaComa in the Park Dim Icon Ketamine
Wow Everything Ever The Schwa Ketamine
Surreal Reality xelanid LSD, Ketamine & Cannabis
A Day of Introspection Particle16 2C-P & Ketamine
Catalina Getaway Cs Mushrooms, Alcohol (Wine), Cannabis & Ketamine
Ketamine Himilayas Alexandr Jones Ketamine & Cannabis
A Glimpse Into the Architecture of My Mind Mushroom Forest Ketamine & Nitrous Oxide

Mystical Experiences » » »   more   » » » [62]
A Journey Inside My Own Subconscious EMc Ketamine
Nothing to Hide Cubbage LSD, Cannabis & Ketamine
A New Heaven Modern Jesus Ketamine, 1P-LSD & Cannabis
My Future and the K-Hole Dark Hero Akutare Ketamine
Journey into the Infinite Jesusgreen Ketamine
Soulmate Symbol Particle16 Ketamine, MDMA (Ecstasy), Mushrooms, Ephedra & Nitrous Oxide
Dying and Meeting God Keta D Ketamine
Blasted Into My Own Brain Fluffun Ketamine
The Motion of Non-Motion Kaliptus Ketamine
Cosmic Orgasm M.G. Ketamine

Health Benefits   [9]
Me, My Brain, Ketamine, and a Miracle K-ally Ketamine (withdrawal from Kratom/Opioids)
It Made Me Sane Again August U. Toad Venom and Ketamine
Magical Depression Annihilator Miski Ketamine & Pharmaceuticals
A Powerful Depression Treatment DepressedLoser123 Ketamine
My Eyes Seemed Brighter, More Alive el_lobo Ketamine
Blind-folded Session in Three Phases BN Ketamine
Absolute Peace H.Love Ketamine
Liquid Souls SubwayBoi Ketamine
Alcohol Self-Abuse and Ketamine Antidote Samanthe Alcohol & Ketamine

Families   [3]
Late Night in the Mini Noodle xEdize MDMA (Ecstasy), Ketamine & Cannabis
Nothing to Hide Cubbage LSD, Cannabis & Ketamine
The Sea Adrien Ketamine

Medical Use » » »   more   » » » [21]
Feeling the Cool Liquid Spread saucepapi Ketamine, Lorazepam & Ondansetron
Relief Physically and Existentially ButtCuddler96 Ketamine
Falling Off the World Wsas3 Ketamine, Morphine & Oxycodone
Medically Supervised IV Account Starsky Ketamine
Slightly More Energizing and Agitating KetamineQueen S-Ketamine
Maximizing Benefits Jahchilren Ketamine
Treatment For Bipolar Type One KeepOnTrying Ketamine, DXM & Pharmaceuticals
Facing Infinity in a New Reality Clawson Oxycodone/Acetaminophen, Nitrous Oxide & Ketamine
A Medical Depression Cure BlkJaguar Ketamine
A Tryp to the Hospital Bobby Bongchinnigann Ketamine

What Was in That?   [10]
Taiwan Coffee 2044532645 Ketamine & Unknown (bk-MDEA?)
Fractal Understandings Vivicas X. Strom Ketamine
Suspicions of a Mis-Adventure Number 6 Ketamine
Surprise K Hole WhipLady Unknown sold as MDMA (Ketamine?)
Accidental High Dosage: 3-ME-Uh Oh-PCP Anatoli Smorin Ketamine & 3-MeO-PCP
Ketamine Isn't Coke, Duh Valerie Ketamine
Bad Judgment in Mexico interstella Alcohol, Rohypnol & Ketamine
Destruction of Reality is Creation Mike MDMA, Ketamine & Cannabis
Killer Trip Peter McDermott Ketamine
Orgasmic --> Ego Loss tathra MDMA (Unknown), 2C-B, Ketamine & Various

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