Crack (also Freebase Cocaine) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
(75 Total)

Highly Recommended On The Precipice of Addiction Cracker1234 Crack 2008 Dec 23
Highly Recommended Choreboy Made a Snowman of Me Choregirl Crack 2007 Jan 17
Recommended Heaven in a Breadcrumb, Hell in a Minute Gonzo Crack 2009 Feb 20
Recommended My Two Most Vivid Memories JJ Crack 2006 Mar 02
Recommended Only Distance Allows Me to Stay Off Leyla Crack 2005 Oct 28
Recommended A Year in the Life of... CoolCat Crack 2005 Sep 12
Crackhead for a Year MJzz Crack 2020 Nov 04
Cycles of Illusion Jade Cocaine & Crack 2019 Jan 15
Bellringer And Game Changer On The First Smoke BREEZE Crack (Freebase Cocaine) 2017 Nov 30
How to Ruin Happiness... ewan_u Heroin & Crack 2017 Apr 06
Addicted Before I Even Tried It Matt Crack 2009 Aug 26
My Life Was Nearly Destroyed A Girl Named Ruko Crack 2008 May 23
Pure Pleasure In Smokable Form PBF Crack 2007 Jul 17
The Self-Proclaimed Family Destroyer A. Victim Crack 2006 Jun 19
Help, My Husband is Trying to Kill Me CJ Crack 2003 Nov 06
Heating the Body for Pleasure Poopypickle Crack 2020 Jan 05
One a Day, No Cravings Preacher John Methylphenidate (as Crack Substitute) 2010 Sep 21
The Breath Of A New Day found, again at 37 Cocaine & Crack 2007 Jul 20
Paranoid Delusions anonymous Crack 2007 Jun 23
From Interesting to Disturbing Byzantium Crack 2007 Apr 05
What's a Little Amongst Friends? Mindless Crack 2006 Apr 17
The Devil's Secret Weapon Truth Be Told Crack 2006 Apr 15
Achieving the Impossible jay t Crack & Opium 2004 Aug 17
One More Hit, One More Chance Crack Crack Cocaine 2002 Jul 24
The Start of the End Rush Crack 2002 Jun 25
Forever Erica Crack Cocaine 2002 Jan 18
A Professional White Male Walks Through Crack WASP Crack Smoker Crack Cocaine 2001 Mar 08
You're Always Addicted Once You Start Shyne Crack Cocaine 2001 Mar 04
Crack Kills Anonymous Crack Cocaine 2001 Feb 27
When It Is Someone You Love Anonymous Crack Cocaine 2000 Oct 18
Cocaine Kid J. Cannon Crack Cocaine 2000 Jun 14
In Twenty Minutes I'll Feel a Little Worse Anonymous Crack Cocaine 2000 Jun 14
Smoking and Thinking of Ways to Get More sbrawsm Crack 2019 Dec 13
Most of Crack Is a Comedown p10n33r Crack 2019 Apr 03
Straight A Crackhead clamato Cocaine & Crack 2019 Apr 03
Everything Is Great, Except Tomorrow Doug Cocaine & Crack 2019 Mar 05
Done My Far Share of Rock X-Crackhead Cocaine & Crack 2019 Jan 15
A New Me That I Don't Like Being Chris Crack 2018 Dec 06
Euphoric High but VERY Addictive Erie15 Crack 2018 Sep 20
Things Were Spiraling Out of Control Gin Cocaine & Crack 2018 Aug 27
Schemes and Lost Dreams Durial Crack 2018 Aug 27
Kundalini Shakti Awakening Humble Guy Yoga & Veganism 2018 Aug 09
The Neverending Story That Must End Frazzle Heroin & Crack 2018 May 23
Doesn't Mix L.L. Naloxone & Crack 2018 May 15
I Cannot Do a Little Cobalt808 Crack 2018 Apr 16
'Never Again' I Thought Jeffry Taylor Crack 2018 Apr 16
Addicted To Coffee - But Not Crack D.L Crack 2017 Nov 29
About Last Night Rose Cocaine - Crack 2005 Jan 17
Powder Coke & Crack: Like Apples &... Crack DeeDee Crack 2003 Jul 17
Addicted to You Rose Crack Cocaine 2002 Aug 02
WHOA! yasmapal Cocaine & Crack 2002 Jul 10
Crack is What She Really Wants jim Crack Cocaine 2001 Dec 30
Eliminated Feelings of Anxiety Following a Binge hurts Crack & DXM 2020 Jan 22
Resist Temptation of the Unknown No Exeptions lost-soul Cocaine & Heroin 2019 Aug 30
I Said It Would Never Happen Again Melanie Love Crack 2019 Jan 15
Am I Crazy? M Cocaine & Crack 2018 Nov 09
No Fun at All... four20 Crack 2018 Apr 16
Only Takes One Hit Elizabeth Crack 2018 Apr 16
Both My Parents Were Addicted Crack Crack 2018 Apr 16
I Am on My 4th Day Clean Matthew Crack 2018 Apr 16
Hoping and Praying It Will All Go Away english Crack 2018 Apr 16
Im Still Alive ? Xdubtribe Crack 2018 Apr 16
Felt Like Dying nub Crack 2018 Apr 16
So That's Why People Get Addicted to This Jess Crack 2018 Mar 30
Binge of a Lifetime crackbrat Crack 2018 Mar 30
Watching Myself Fall... Sasha Crack 2018 Jan 05
Forever Strung MastersBlaster Crack 2017 Nov 25
A Blast from the Past copkiller Cocaine (Crack) 2005 Feb 07
Ruined My Life Forever Kim Crack 2002 May 08
Am I Really Changed Forever? Anonymous MDMA , Cocaine, Crack, Heroin & Cannabis 2002 May 08
Pure Evil In Rock Form Pat Crack 2002 Feb 21
Addiction Happens so Easily Stupid Cocaine & Crack Cocaine 2001 Dec 30
The Big Trick Ron Crack Cocaine 2001 Mar 03
I Almost Lost it All Melanie Love Crack Cocaine 2001 Mar 03
I Am Married to an Addict Anonymous Crack Cocaine 2001 Mar 02

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