AL-LAD (also 6-allyl-6-nor-lysergic acid diethylamide) Reports - General
(47 Total)

Highly Recommended A Serious Hedonism Kaleida AL-LAD 2017 Mar 25
Recommended The AL-LAD Lady, Quite Different From LSD Kadolf B AL-LAD 2020 Oct 24
Recommended I Never Intended for This to Be So Intense anon AL-LAD 2019 Feb 07
Recommended Nostalgic Forest nervewing AL-LAD 2017 Sep 24
Recommended Lysergamide Blind Test Psychastevic AL-LAD, ETH-LAD, 1P-LSD, ALD-52 & LSD 2017 Sep 18
Recommended Massive Accidental Overdose anon AL-LAD 2013 Dec 25
Recommended Plugging Into the Universe howsthewater AL-LAD 2013 Oct 24
Recommended Myself the Mistral and Kipple Just A Guy AL-LAD 2013 Jul 23
Recommended Where Have You Been All My Life Sepher AL-LAD 2013 Jun 10
Light and Bonding WG AL-LAD 2018 Feb 07
I Have Been Here Before THE_HOLY_DREAM AL LAD 2017 Jul 13
A Nice and Pleasant Trip Mad Doc AL-LAD 2017 Mar 03
Crazy Trip champerdamper AL-LAD & Cannabis 2017 Feb 27
Lysergic Loving Chronic AL-LAD & Cannabis 2016 Oct 13
Looking Listening Inspecting kodou AL-LAD 2016 Apr 28
More Visual than LSD MrMoran AL-LAD 2015 Dec 07
Mellow Cousin of LSD altered AL-LAD 2015 Nov 06
Sparking Well-Needed Happiness Phantom AL-LAD 2015 May 06
A Potent and Useful Ally iwtste AL-LAD 2015 May 06
Lime Green Acid yaesutom AL-LAD 2014 Feb 05
Better Than LSD RockMySoul AL-LAD & Cannabis 2014 Jan 26
Lightly Floating my3rdi AL-LAD, 4-AcO-DMT, Alcohol & Kratom 2013 Nov 19
Museum Dose Horizbiz AL-LAD 2013 Oct 11
Sedona Sunshine MDon AL-LAD 2013 Aug 31
A Good Intro to an Amazing Compound eye. AL-LAD & Cannabis 2013 Aug 13
Like in a Fairy-Tale VitaminX LSD & AL-LAD 2013 Aug 13
The Breaking of Reality Sundown AL-LAD & Cannabis 2013 Aug 05
Neon Pinks Blues and Greens zombywoof AL-LAD 2013 Jul 18
Lovely In The Sweet Spot InnerExplorer AL-LAD & GHB 2013 Jul 16
Like Acid's Little Sister Greenest sea AL-LAD 2019 Dec 08
The Thumbprint Didgital AL-LAD 2018 Aug 02
My Mood Quickly Improved Way AL-LAD 2017 Aug 26
Is It the Love Hormone or Am I a Misanthrope Fritz Cat AL-LAD, Beer & Sleep Deprivation 2017 Mar 03
Music Lights and Bliss rainbowhorse AL-LAD 2016 Dec 11
The Day I Died delightfullydisturb AL-LAD 2016 Feb 16
AL-LAD Art and Shpongle MrMoran AL-LAD & 1P-LSD 2016 Jan 24
The Coded Depths of Allylysergamide DIELATE AL-LAD, Alcohol & 3F-Phenmetrazine 2015 Jul 25
On the Verge frontbluntt AL-LAD 2013 Aug 13
The Cutting Edge of Psychedelic Rsearch Bro Wolf AL-LAD & Cannabis 2013 Jun 10
Madness in Wonderland RussianPsychonaut AL-LAD 2021 Jan 19
A Little More Than I Asked For Nikopai AL-LAD 2018 Apr 25
Flying on AL-LADdins Magical Carpet highondrugsandlife AL-LAD & MDMA 2018 Mar 11
Alladins Magic Carpet earthdweller AL-LAD 2018 Jan 07
Second Law of Thermodynamics and Philosophy MrCuriousity AL-LAD 2016 Oct 24
It Felt Like a Poisoning Event Magic Sandbox AL-LAD 2020 Jan 14
Wasp Fight Purp_Scurp AL-LAD 2017 Aug 09
I FIgured Out Craziness Jerry AL-LAD & MDMA 2017 Jul 13

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