Arylcyclohexylamines Reports - First Times
First Times
(87 Total)

Highly Recommended The Great Void of Heaven nervewing Fluorexetamine 2022 Jul 01
Highly Recommended Light Show in the Void nervewing Methoxpropamine 2019 Nov 25
Highly Recommended Maybe a Little Too Good Tunaroll Methoxetamine 2017 Jul 12
Highly Recommended Hey, I Was Curious The Monkey Mantra PCP & Cannabis 2007 Nov 04
Recommended A *Pr*operly Mextifying View of Reality TiHKALmonster MXPr 2021 Aug 10
Recommended For a First Trial, I'm Fairly Impressed Xorkoth Methoxpropamine 2019 Nov 25
Recommended Worthwhile Addition Jesusgreen Methoxphenidine 2015 Oct 19
Recommended Where I've Wanted to Be All Along Renton Methoxphenidine 2014 Mar 31
Recommended Not Exactly What I Was Expecting Ppirc Methoxetamine 2012 Feb 24
Recommended It Surprised a Rocket Scientist Pendragon Methoxetamine 2012 Feb 07
Recommended Into the M-Hole mindspelunker Methoxetamine 2011 May 31
Recommended Utterly Astonished Haphazard Methoxetamine 2011 Mar 11
Recommended The World Shrank Jen PCP 2007 Nov 12
Recommended Bits of Metal and Boiled Chicken sparkle kitty PCP & Cannabis 2006 Nov 14
No Time for Me to Properly Understand LST Fluorexetamine 2022 Jul 01
Pleasant Warmth Meets Plain Dissociation Psychestim Methoxpropamine 2020 Dec 17
Welcome To Waterworld dgaf420 PCP 2017 Dec 06
Very Disassociated Madara Methoxetamine 2016 Oct 07
Very Lucid in Most Ways TheAmazingAnnika Methoxetamine 2016 May 24
A Warm Haze of Contentment Michael_Y Methoxetamine 2015 Oct 13
Someone Should Have Warned Me ThirdEyeOpen Methoxetamine 2013 Dec 08
A Night of Synthetic Confusion and a Caveat Divals Methoxetamine (sold as Ketamine) 2013 Jun 14
Panic at First, Awesome at the End ErowidLover Methoxetamine 2013 Apr 19
I Was a Screensaver Reward50p Methoxetamine 2012 Jun 19
Can Hold Its Own Pink Avvy Methoxetamine 2012 Jan 28
Today a Day I Won't Remember Jaybee Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 23
Mean and Clean Mephistopheles Prime Methoxetamine 2011 Jul 14
Scaring Chemical Goliath Methoxetamine 2011 Feb 11
First Time For Experienced K Lover Phatboy303 Methoxetamine 2011 Jan 23
Strange and Comfortable Vixxen Methoxetamine 2010 Oct 01
A Most Unusual Experience Seezee-Three PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 17
A Visual Trip Tyger PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 13
Boom Sauceman PCP & Cannabis 2008 Dec 06
Not As Horrific As It's Reputation Suggests Kbomb PCP 2008 Nov 09
Moral: Leave it in the Baggy Hakushon PCP 2008 Jul 21
I Feel Like I'm in a Video Game Kaliescope Eyes PCP & Cannabis 2007 Jun 19
The Beginning of My Insanity Ari G. PCP 2021 Jan 05
My Body Kept Yelling, POISON NoMHole Methoxetamine 2020 Oct 19
Repetitive Nonsense UMPHS11 Methoxpropamine 2020 Sep 28
Pretty Good D Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2020 Apr 02
Perfect Harmony maddox PCP & Cigarettes 2019 Oct 13
More than a Dissociative deadrelatives Methoxetamine 2019 Apr 24
I Was Elaborately Dead Gofishy PCP 2017 Nov 16
Distorted Bliss Moosehead Methoxetamine 2017 Feb 14
Out of Body Experience Leslie Methoxetamine 2016 Nov 15
As Light as Air Gabriella C Methoxetamine 2016 Aug 09
Like a Television Show Bmorgs Methoxphenidine 2016 Jun 05
Anesthesiac Remaerd Methoxetamine & Cannabis 2016 Apr 26
Could Have Been Great Intronaut Methoxetamine 2016 Feb 04
Unique Interaction Bold Trafalgar Methoxphenidine 2015 Sep 14
A First Time Low-Moderate Dose faintingnow Methoxphenidine 2015 Sep 14
Controlled Doses lacrimae mundi Methoxetamine 2012 Oct 01
Nice and Chill Experience Brokentrees Methoxetamine 2012 Apr 12
First Unwilling Time Tom Methoxetamine (represented as Ketamine) 2012 Mar 21
A Warm and Insightful Day Latexsanta Methoxetamine 2012 Mar 01
Its Potency Must Be Respected Tristan R. Haze Methoxetamine 2011 Aug 22
Unexpected Potency Kkareltje Methoxetamine 2011 May 13
Laced With Terror and Insanity Anthony PCP & Cannabis 2011 Feb 15
Not Gay At All Racecar PCP 2009 Jan 01
Absolute Craziness Mdma_Gaaren PCP & Cannabis 2008 Aug 25
I Can Look, But I Can't See Blazed PCP & Cannabis 2007 Oct 14
What the hell...? Bun PCP 2004 Feb 28
Death Within Reach Alex PCP 2003 Apr 17
I Bit Him in the Leg King Nothing PCP 2002 Jul 24
My Ride on White Train Toasty PCP 2000 Sep 12
Not Exactly the Healing I Was Looking For SeekingHealing Methoxetamine 2021 Sep 10
I Loved It Michael PCP 2018 Jul 12
So Clean and So Yummy MXE Face Methoxetamine 2018 Jun 19
Everything Was Made of Plastic Abby PCP-dipped Cigarette 2017 Dec 23
No Idea How Many Hits I Was Supposed to Take Alex C. PCP on Cigarette 2017 Nov 16
Where Am I? RaverBoy PCP 2017 Nov 16
Fell Flat On My Face 11111 Methoxetamine 2017 Nov 10
A Nice Disassociative JayTheDuck Methoxphenidine 2015 Oct 16
Starting Small dissososo Methoxphenidine 2015 Sep 14
Fear and Loathing in My Bed Dog Methoxetamine 2011 Dec 04
Outside of Myself Pcp PCP & Cannabis 2008 Apr 28
Powerful & Scary Malibu Barbie PCP 2002 Jan 22
Sensory Overload Synthetic PCP 2002 Jan 18
Gettin Wet BigWilly PCP 2019 May 09
A Strange and Angry Night Stonergirl PCP 2019 Jan 02
Pure Euphoria Thoughts_You_Loathe Methoxetamine 2018 Jun 19
Out of This World Psychonaut PCP 2017 Nov 16
Stars Around The Moons Kay PCP 2017 Nov 13
Magic Carpet Ride PureConfusion PCP 2013 Jul 14
Like LSD Sticky Green PCP 2007 Dec 19
Decently Visual mNi PCP 2000 Oct 06
Changing the Channels of Your Mind Serylan PCP 2000 Sep 12

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