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Very Highly Recommended A Backward-Resonating Experience bug 2C-I 2006 May 16
Very Highly Recommended Analytical Self-Abuse Jikkle 2C-E 2003 Dec 02
Very Highly Recommended Eye Of The Storm Matt Himself 2C-T-7 2003 Oct 26
Highly Recommended Subtle Grace, Gentle Power Xorkoth 2C-N nitrate 2022 Apr 05
Highly Recommended Gentle Embers nervewing DOF 2021 Feb 19
Highly Recommended A Surprisingly Encouraging Foray Into the Unknown Xorkoth 5-Chloro-AMT 2021 Jan 13
Highly Recommended A Promising Hybrid State Kaleida 5-Chloro-AMT 2021 Jan 13
Highly Recommended Workup to 20mg - a Collection of Reports Xorkoth DOF 2019 Feb 10
Highly Recommended It Teaches Me to Be Waffers 2C-B 2018 Dec 11
Highly Recommended A Visual Spectacular Riley 2C-B 2017 Apr 02
Highly Recommended Vulnerable and Confused GWs Fruit Tree 2C-I 2011 Mar 17
Highly Recommended A Fine Time Jacked 2C-P 2008 Dec 22
Highly Recommended The Nature Of The Human Mind Roygbiv 2C-E 2007 Aug 17
Highly Recommended Unloading Some Old Baggage Totem 2C-T-2 2007 Feb 23
Highly Recommended Breathtaking with Some Physical Discomfort Amethyst Deceiver 2C-B 2006 Sep 20
Highly Recommended Density Like Smoke In A Slow Breeze Hon Gik Ingam 2C-I 2005 Jul 03
Highly Recommended Shuddering and Cold Z. 2C-E 2005 Jun 06
Highly Recommended The Universe Is A Quantum Computer tachyon 2C-I 2004 Aug 16
Highly Recommended Brief, Beautiful Bliss iom 2C-C 2004 Jul 14
Highly Recommended Electronic Entertainment Matt Himself 2C-T-21 2003 Oct 13
Highly Recommended 2C-Enchronicity Bong Man 2C-E 2002 Nov 25
Highly Recommended Opening Of The Mind's Eye Matt Himself 2C-I 2002 Jun 03
Highly Recommended Insignificant First Experience Sir Paul 2C-T-7 2002 Jan 05
Highly Recommended Much More than a 2C-B Analogue 77k 2C-I 2001 May 01
Recommended Long Acting, Stimulating amberdream Isoproscaline 2023 Oct 04
Recommended Pure Insanity j990 2C-I 2022 Nov 08
Recommended Smooth as Silk and Warm Like Sunshine Xorkoth 2C-EF 2019 Jul 09
Recommended Its the Bs Knees MrMoran 2C-B 2018 Jun 09
Recommended The Ecstatic Self bindingaffinity 2C-B-Fly 2018 May 22
Recommended Almost Exclusively Visual: A Night of Zebras tngrn 2,6-Dibromomescaline 2017 Dec 03
Recommended Gorgeous and Deeply Satisfying Kaleida 2C-C 2017 Nov 27
Recommended Breathing, Waving Objects myrddral 2C-B 2017 Apr 12
Recommended Eroticism and Emotions astralviolet 2C-B 2017 Feb 05
Recommended Wisdom Through Pain nervewing 2C-T-7 2016 Oct 22
Recommended Tripping Anxiety at Ease Ben 2C-B 2016 Oct 08
Recommended The Most Wonderful Introduction Psychonautika 2C-B 2016 May 11
Recommended Falling Into the Abyss HumanAI 2C-B 2016 Apr 04
Recommended A Midsummer Nights Trip MrMoran 2C-I 2016 Jan 07
Recommended Powerful Psychedelic with Body Load Dominick 2C-E 2014 Oct 24
Recommended Religion Philosophy Clarity Socrates 2C-E 2013 Jun 16
Recommended A Smooth Ride redalus 2C-B 2012 Jun 05
Recommended Four mg was Disappointing but Valuable Futurepluperfect 2C-E 2011 Apr 04
Recommended A Detailed Report of a First Time Experience Dr. Robotnik 2C-I 2011 Feb 23
Recommended The Beat of the Soul of Nature Kapitan 2C-B & Cannabis 2009 Jul 20
Recommended The EVERYTHING Drug Splintered 2C-E 2009 Jul 19
Recommended Entheosexual Euphoria Opionomous 2C-T-7 2009 Jan 13
Recommended Crystal Clear Rainbow Fog Harmony 2C-E 2008 Nov 07
Recommended A Fantastic First Encounter Ornament 2C-I 2008 Aug 15
Recommended The First Time is Always the Most Memorable The Free Thinker 2C-I 2008 Jul 25
Recommended Speedy Psychedelia Randomorwhat 2C-E 2008 Feb 29
Recommended Euphoria and Indescribable Visuals LucidStudies 2C-B & Cannabis 2008 Feb 02
Recommended A Comfortable Ride Molloy 2C-I 2007 Dec 01
Recommended Hypersensitive Toaster 2C-B 2007 Oct 31
Recommended Harsh Lessons and New Sensations LucidStudies 2C-E & Cannabis 2007 Oct 30
Recommended The Shining of the Spectrum Psilo707 2C-B 2007 Jun 19
Recommended Mesmerized By The Dali-like Landscape birthdayboy 2C-E & Cannabis 2007 Jun 05
Recommended Pure Thought and True Authenticity of Being B 2C-E 2007 May 11
Recommended This Chemical is Entirely Fantastic Phonerothyme 2C-T-2 2007 Apr 23
Recommended The Frightening Simple Truth Maiku 2C-I 2007 Mar 19
Recommended A Relaxing High Tugger 2C-E 2007 Mar 13
Recommended 2 C Myself Pandoras_choice 2C-I & Cannabis 2007 Feb 07
Recommended The Battle between a Good and a Bad Trip Wolf 2C-E 2006 Dec 31
Recommended From Mental Chaos To Inner Peace tweak 2C-B & Cannabis 2006 Jul 28
Recommended Edge of the Water Chronicle 2C-I 2006 Jul 06
Recommended Initial Trial - Empathy and Pleasure Xorkoth 2C-B-Fly 2006 Jun 05
Recommended Set and Setting Sensitive Psychosis Trippopotamus 2C-C 2006 Apr 17
Recommended Defining the Nature of It (An Experiment) Nookoo 2C-P 2006 Mar 22
Recommended Insanity Mixed with Melancholic Love! donja 2C-T-4 2006 Mar 17
Recommended The Absurdist Molecule bucket of lead 2C-E 2006 Mar 14
Recommended Fine-Tuning and Frequency Dampcinder 2C-I & Cannabis 2005 Nov 22
Recommended Way Too Much Paranoia! Jason 2C-I 2005 Oct 13
Recommended Welcome to Hellraiser... Bluemeanie 2C-T-2 & Alcohol 2005 Jun 10
Recommended Acted Out of Character conkerlyfunkler 2C-I & Alcohol 2005 Apr 05
Recommended Blinding White Light Orion 2C-I & Cannabis 2005 Mar 23
Recommended Better than Claritin seedsofchance 2C-I & Cannabis 2004 Nov 01
Recommended Knocked Speechless King Basil Lamus 2C-I 2004 Nov 01
Recommended First time: Kind Visuals, Split Personality Klaus Midden 2C-T-2 2004 Jul 14
Recommended A Trip Without The Trip Psycosmo 2C-C 2004 Jun 12
Recommended Bromide Mayo Jimmeh 2C-B & Cannabis 2004 Jan 30
Recommended Unknown Territory Treefingers 2C-T-21 2004 Jan 13
Recommended A Great Introduction DreamsAreFree 2C-I & Cannabis 2004 Jan 02
Recommended Show Me Jolly Green Giant 2C-I 2003 Oct 27
Recommended The Phenethylamine Ninja Garuda 2C-E & Cannabis 2003 Aug 12
Recommended Quite Pleasant Matt Himself 2C-C 2003 Jul 18
Recommended Perfect Rhythm, Synchronization, and Harmony Morninggloryseed 2C-E 2003 Jun 10
Recommended Testing the Waters / Temporary Madness Kap 2C-E & Cannabis 2003 May 18
Recommended Too Much Stupid 2C-I & Alcohol 2003 Apr 16
Recommended Introspection, Fantasy & Body Load Way 2C-T-2 2003 Mar 11
Recommended Contemplating the Pathless Path Gloggawogga 2C-E & Cannabis 2003 Mar 06
Recommended The Solution is Obvious RealityChild 2C-E 2003 Mar 03
Recommended Sudden Dismissal Matt Himself 2C-T-2 2003 Feb 24
Recommended Uninspired SullenChoirboy 2C-T-2 2003 Feb 10
Recommended The Man in the Mirror Catch-22 2C-T-7 2002 Jan 05
Recommended Initial Exploration of 2C-T-7 Aynav 2C-T-7 2001 Dec 25
Recommended Insight Leprechaun 2C-I 2001 Sep 15
Recommended I Lab Rat Catfish Rivers 2C-I 2001 Aug 28
Recommended Evolution and Patterns Syzygy 2C-I 2001 Jul 20
Recommended The Most Intense Visual Experience Possible kropotkinite 2C-B 2001 Jul 16
Recommended Heaven > Hell > Heaven bluestemz 2C-T-2 2001 Jun 01
Recommended Smooth to Edgy Cookiepuss 2C-T-7 2001 May 21

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