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Methamphetamine (also Meth; Crystal Meth; Ice; Crank; Desoxyn) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
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Highly Recommended My Last Days as a Meth Addict Heidi Marie Methamphetamine 2007 Jul 03
Highly Recommended Skin Unspun Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 26
Highly Recommended Dying To Get High Shercatmeow Methamphetamine 2006 Nov 12
Highly Recommended One Year, from First Hit to Now X Methamphetamine 2006 Apr 30
Recommended Everything Is Such a METH...... charasmatic_addict Methamphetamine 2016 May 16
Recommended Worth the Risk?? Scrotes Methamphetamine 2011 Nov 26
Recommended Chewed Me Up and Spat Me Out Drug_Fucked MDMA, Methamphetamine & Various 2007 Oct 12
Recommended Dabbling in Pain, Paranoia, and Addiction Sensuous x Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 07
Recommended Methanpheta Cream Pie Julianne Methamphetamine 2007 Jan 14
Recommended Got Spun? Just Another Guy Methamphetamine 2006 Dec 01
Recommended A Love Almost Lost Little Brownie Methamphetamine 2006 Aug 23
Recommended It's All In the Eyes Silver Tongue Methamphetamine 2006 Aug 19
Recommended The Perfect Addiction Hydrogenator Methamphetamine 2006 Jun 20
Recommended Second Chance Healed Methamphetamine 2005 Apr 11
Recommended It Doesn't Love You Carpe Noctem Methamphetamine 2004 Jul 02
Recommended With Me, Forever little girl Methamphetamine & Cocaine 2003 Nov 24
The Ups and Downs of Our Sexual Voyages sierrazulu Methamphetamine 2019 Mar 11
EXTREME Psychosis. Pure Evil-Spirited Terror! James Methamphetamine, Cannabis & Sleep Deprivation 2018 Dec 09
Steps on the Path to Hell Hallucine Methamphetamine 2011 Nov 05
A Long Year Josh Nelson Methamphetamine 2009 Sep 06
The Jeans Were 2 Sizes Too Big LoveSick Methamphetamine 2009 Jan 01
Intense 14 Months of my Life Tanis Methamphetamine 2008 Apr 30
Rock Bottom Phoenix Methamphetamine 2008 Apr 08
Still Recovering Chris Methamphetamine 2007 Oct 16
Breaking the Glass Exit Methamphetamine 2007 Oct 01
Still Locked in My Closet Shakey Bones Methamphetamine 2007 Aug 24
I Know What I'm Doing Methlove Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 26
The Milky White Bubble Addiction-the steps Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 16
A Binge User Sunshine Methamphetamine 2007 May 04
It's In The Eyes JLeigh Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 12
Dayglo UV Queen Alice Kitty Amphetamine & Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 07
Kiss the Kook Jojo Methamphetamine 2007 Jan 13
The Devil Had Me for Awhile Everchanging Methamphetamine 2006 Nov 27
Long Hard Road Neko Methamphetamine 2006 Aug 24
Dancing with the White Demon Bayareaqt22 Methamphetamine 2006 Jun 20
White and Blue Lines, Always on My Mind Katie Cocaine, Methamphetamine & Diazepam (Valium) 2006 Jun 16
Watch Out for the Black Ice HopeLives Methamphetamine 2005 Nov 16
From a Dream to a Nightmare ExTweeker Methamphetamine 2005 Nov 13
Moderate Mainline Man MidwestMan Methamphetamine 2005 Sep 23
The Never Ending Thought Egor Methamphetamine 2005 Aug 09
Managing a Habit, Avoiding an Addiction kiwigrrl Methamphetamine 2005 Aug 04
A Crystalline Wasteland Echo One Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 29
Meat-Face IowaPunker Methamphetamine 2005 Mar 30
Grotesque Physical Effects of Long-Term Use Rabid Lassie Methamphetamine 2004 Aug 20
Extremely Confused, Irritable, and Scared Gnostikoi Methamphetamine 2003 Dec 12
Methamphetamine Dosage Comments Miz Kidd Methamphetamine 2003 Sep 17
Adderall Without the Side Effects Oldskool Methamphetamine 2002 Jun 12
Meth... A High That Kills cali_qt_boi Methamphetamine 2002 Mar 25
How I Got Hooked JJ Methamphetamine (Glass) 2002 Jan 12
There Were Some Before, There Will Be More Kurdt Hoon Methamphetamine 2002 Jan 11
In The Hole CrystalSkies Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 25
Story of a Woman Caught In the Cycle Caught Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 18
Narrow Escape method Methamphetamine 2001 Oct 27
Not Even Once Oracle Methamphetamine 2022 May 20
Hurried Exit From Reality Theo Methamphetamine & Heroin 2021 Nov 02
Diary of a Dragon-Chaser Venushakti Velatura Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2021 Jun 27
Four Years Later Jimpaco Methamphetamine 2020 May 14
After I Had My Son, I Did Get High Again SaintNoodle Methamphetamine 2020 Jan 16
Walking on Thin Ice T Methamphetamine 2019 Oct 13
Trying to Escape This Hell Jade Methamphetamine 2019 Jul 08
NOT Worth It Leesie Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 30
I Was a Pure Burnout now sober Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
It Wasn't Fun For Long Mia Methamphetamine (then Opium & Cannabis) 2018 Aug 09
There Is a Way Out beagles Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Heaven and Hell in One Blast delivered Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Yabba What? yags Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Double Barrel Tina Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 01
Anger and Depression Easton Methamphetamine 2018 May 21
Long Term Tweaker Lynn Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 23
Expelled From School Victoria Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 03
Currently Through Working the Twelve Steps Kevin Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 17
How I Kicked One Habbit With Another Chili the Pepper Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2018 Jan 10
I Wish I Had a Huge Eraser Look@me! Amphetamines & Methamphetamine 2010 Mar 18
As a Detox Facilitator Icarus Methamphetamine & Opiates 2009 Aug 25
A Long Time to Stand, an Hour to Fall SaltOfHell Methamphetamine 2009 Jun 17
Living Fast, Dying Slow Jokers Kick Methamphetamine 2008 May 21
The Devil's Drug Tweaky Methamphetamine 2008 Apr 08
4 Years Later & I'm Still In The Hole Mystyx Methamphetamine 2008 Feb 16
Not an Escape Never Speed Again Methamphetamine 2007 Dec 17
Blurring the Lines James Methamphetamine, Cocaine, Cannabis, & Various 2007 Nov 08
Still Recovering Dotcom Methamphetamine 2007 Nov 04
Normality Faded Away Rye Methamphetamine, Alcohol & Cannabis 2007 Aug 29
Years Progress Like A Movie In Fast Motion U4ria Methamphetamine 2007 Jul 02
Psychological Addiction? No. Emotional Hold! Trina Methamphetamine 2007 Mar 22
The Needle and the Damage Done The Wombat Methamphetamine 2006 Sep 01
The Downward Spiral Misty J. Methamphetamine 2006 Feb 07
Follow Me Into The Fast Lane lost soul Methamphetamine 2005 Aug 22
On Top of the World h.c. tim Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 29
The Door to True Misery Chronic 311 Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 21
Never Felt Better Anonymous Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 12
A Living Hell But I Loved It Mary Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 08
Life Without It HappyGirl Methamphetamine 2005 Apr 25
Lost in the Glass Bubble Anna Methamphetamine 2004 Dec 01
The Rush Micheals Methamphetamine 2004 Nov 20
Weekend Fling that I Am Fighting to Let Go Of Dana Methamphetamine 2004 Oct 04
Method to My Madness...? Carpe Noctem Methamphetamine 2004 Sep 22
What Happened to the Party? Tales of a Junkie Euphoria Methamphetamine 2004 Jun 07
A Crystal Disaster The Wabbit Methamphetamine 2003 Sep 04
Week of Binging SX2BDWN Methamphetamine 2003 Jan 17
Boy Next Door Goes Bad Birdie Methamphetamine 2002 Jul 29

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