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Methamphetamine (also Meth; Crystal Meth; Ice; Crank; Desoxyn) Reports - Addiction & Habituation
Addiction & Habituation
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The Coming Up is Worth the Comedownw Weekend Warrior Methamphetamine 2002 Jun 10
Death of a Soul Mate Eire Methamphetamine & Heroin 2002 May 03
It's Been a Long Night... 10 Days Later Lalasa Lilith Methamphetamine 2002 Jan 17
My Clothes Were Falling Off Me J Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 24
King Of The Gods JJ. bean nut Methamphetamine & Cocaine 2001 Dec 24
I Should Be Wearing A Crown Special_K Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 23
Staying High All The Time ! B. Burke Methamphetamine 2001 May 06
Doin' The Wrong Thing For All The Right Reasons Sam-I-Am Methamphetamine 2001 Feb 15
Who Wants to be Awake All Night? Squid Methamphetamine 2000 Oct 07
A Perfect Diet Drug Kitten Methamphetamine 2000 Sep 11
Why Not JustMe Methamphetamine 2000 Sep 09
ROCKED! All Week Long Half Dead Methamphetamine 2000 Sep 09
Still Craving Tabitha Methamphetamine 2000 Aug 04
This Damned Blue Collar Tweeker Alien Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Speeding Through Life Princess SCSS Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16
Long Term Methamphetamine Use Sparky Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 13
Never Fast Enough Jane Dose Methamphetamine 2000 Jun 23
Jacked: Thirty Hours and Beyond Cynric Methamphetamine 2000 Jun 23
Using Meth to Detox from Opiates Jane Blow Methamphetamine & Benzodiazepines 2020 Nov 21
When the Party Ends ... and I'm Not Done Button Methamphetamine 2020 Aug 24
Daily Cocktail Alejandro M. Heroin, Methamphetamine & Alprazolam 2020 Aug 18
Meth Not Working Wilo6865 Methamphetamine, Venlafaxine, Lamotrigine & Risperidone 2019 Sep 19
Only the Good Die Young brandy Methamphetamine 2019 Sep 15
The Day My Life Came Crashing Down Soon To Be Over Methamphetamine 2019 Jun 21
Stuck in My Head coke head Methamphetamine 2019 Apr 23
1/52 of a Life Awake Divine_Intervention Methamphetamine 2018 Oct 31
Not What I Expected xanaxbanana Methamphetamine 2018 Oct 18
Addictive Narcosis Charlotte B. Methamphetamine, Heroin & Cocaine 2018 Aug 23
Serious Psychosis by Heavy Use Chemist Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
Dwelling in the Fringe altrdst8s Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
First Time Meeting My Lover JustAnnie Methamphetamine & Cannabis 2018 Aug 09
Speeding Towards Madness ObliteratedPersona Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
I Am Scared For Me Fishbrain blader Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Life Accident Red Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
A Sacred Loss avampyre Methamphetamine 2018 Jun 12
Crystal Sickness Jzombie Methamphetamine 2018 Apr 26
Too Much, No Sleep, No Food, Bad Combo ME Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 21
Addiction Again Eli Kratom, Phenibut & Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 07
The Ups and Downs Crystal4life209 Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 28
My Last Binge stampt Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 26
The Ice Age miranda Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 24
Started Hearing People Talking dilated_pupils Oxycodone & Methamphetamine 2016 Dec 19
My Attempt to Beat Meth Addiction Drake Various (for Methamphetamine addiction) 2011 Feb 24
Drugs and Enlightenment Benjamin Methamphetamine & LSD 2010 Jun 17
Anger, Rage, Confusion, Depression... MsBritney Methamphetamine 2009 Jun 08
Among the Living Are the Dead dannyboy Methamphetamine 2008 Apr 21
Brain Drain Velosotweaker Methamphetamine 2008 Jan 13
Terror, Detox, Withdrawal hiv Methamphetamine 2007 Nov 06
Withdrawal Isn't So Bad Anonymous Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 27
Take a Moment to Pause and Think Sway Mathamphetamine 2007 Mar 29
You Are the Biggest Danger to Yourself Unbalanced Methamphetamine 2005 Nov 13
You Donít Get High, Just Productive NeonSoul Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 05
Taking Life One Line at a Time Sprite Methamphetamine 2005 Jul 05
Slowly Ruining My Life ALkaHoLeKz Methamphetamine 2004 Feb 08
My First Week Awake blue bikini girl Methamphetamine, Alcohol, & Cannabis 2004 Jan 11
Every Action Has A Reaction funk daddy Various 2003 Dec 18
Methamphetamine and Teens Anonymous Methamphetamine 2002 Nov 06
Never Understood Control Scrambled Cocaine, Crystal Meth 2002 Jun 03
Chained to the Fast Lane beendown2long Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 25
Swimming Into the Sea Quiet girl Methamphetamine 2001 Nov 21
Monsters Fearful in Houston Methamphetamine & Alprazolam 2020 Jun 24
How Not Addictive It Is helpme Methamphetamine 2019 Apr 29
4 Night's of Fun Sanosuke Methamphetamine 2018 Oct 05
I Cannot Stop addnuts Amphetamines (Adderall) & Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
Soon Found It Back in My Life Joshie Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
One More Trip to Los Angeles Late Trucker Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
In Search of the High fake smile Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 10
I Liked That I Talked a Lot More crazed chick Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
I Was Sickly, and Slowly Losing My Mind The White Rabbit Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
Brain Damage anon Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 09
My Love Affair Doomed Kid Methamphetamine 2018 Aug 07
Coming Down Is Torture Jane Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
17 Year Old Ice Princess Vivian Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
One Life, Lost Jeffrey K. Methamphetamine 2018 Jul 27
Things Changed as Time Went On exuser4 sure Methamphetamine 2018 May 10
To Fill the Whole in Your Soul vein Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 22
Nothing Compares to It Jordan Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 22
Another Day in Hell jaded Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 21
3 Grams a Day for About a Year L.J. Saetia Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 19
Forever a Craving Left in My Mind Gia Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 07
It Sent Me to the Pits of Hell Mandy Methamphetamine 2018 Mar 07
Life on Hold Miss S Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 22
Three Years Stolen AFIbi7ch Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 17
I Couldn't Make It Through the Day Without It Crazy Lady Methamphetamine 2018 Feb 17
Midlife Crutch high ender Methamphetamine & GBL 2017 Apr 11
I Could Be in a Ditch Trixie Methamphetamine & Police 2007 Aug 09
Limbo or over The Line? Miss Magic Methamphetamine 2007 Jun 26
Untold Secrets Behind a Loved Ones Back Still crying in love Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2007 Apr 01
Meth, Wow, What a Lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! foolish lady Methamphetamine 2004 Nov 23
It Will Consume You robin Methamphetamine 2003 Aug 12
Wanna Lose Your Job, Family & Self-Respect? one-who-knows Methamphetamine 2003 Jun 10
Whacking Speed lucy Methamphetamine (IV) 2003 Jan 17
No Way Out Stardust Methamphetamine 2002 Oct 16
Beautiful White Snow HappyGirl Methamphetamine 2002 Jul 14
Life In The Fast Lane Clueless Methamphetamine 2002 Jan 22
Lost in Time ren33 Methamphetamine 2001 Dec 27
Last Time ... or Not? Paula Methamphetamine 2001 Oct 31
Tweeker Still Trippin Methamphetamine 2001 Jun 30
The World of Speed Skip Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 18
The Speed Lane Dion Cocaine & Methamphetamine 2000 Jul 16

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