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The Dizzying Squalls nervewing 3-Me-PCP
Light Show in the Void nervewing Methoxpropamine
When Everything Is Just Right Kaleida Methoxetamine
A *Pr*operly Mextifying View of Reality TiHKALmonster MXPr
The Weight of the Ocean, The Abyssal Plain nervewing HXE & Cannabis
Second Trip TheAmazingAnnika Methoxetamine
Brillant Hole Turns Sour Sharkattack Methoxetamine
A Rather Promising Compound Phantasmal Methoxetamine
Red Lafcadio in Chains slsb Methoxetamine
Wonderfully Confused c Methoxetamine

First Times » » »   more   » » » [109]
Maybe a Little Too Good Tunaroll Methoxetamine
Small First Steps With Small Effects Student of Life MXP & Nootropics/Supplements
Hey, I Was Curious The Monkey Mantra PCP & Cannabis
For a First Trial, I'm Fairly Impressed Xorkoth Methoxpropamine
Worthwhile Addition Jesusgreen Methoxphenidine
Where I've Wanted to Be All Along Renton Methoxphenidine
Not Exactly What I Was Expecting Ppirc Methoxetamine
It Surprised a Rocket Scientist Pendragon Methoxetamine
Utterly Astonished Haphazard Methoxetamine
Bits of Metal and Boiled Chicken sparkle kitty PCP & Cannabis

Combinations » » »   more   » » » [159]
The Department of Existential Destruction Anatoli Smorin Methoxetamine, MDMA & S-Ketamine
The Sensation of Orange Anatoli Smorin Kratom, Methoxetamine & Alcohol
Ubiquitious Internal Immersion Anatoli Smorin 3-MeO-PCP & Methoxetamine
Profoundly Startled PewterG DPT, Methoxetamine & Nitrous Oxide
Never at a Loss for Words bindingaffinity MXE & Deschloroketamine
Lunar New Year nervewing 3-MeO-PCP & Methoxpropamine
The Illusion of Material Reality Vastness Methoxetamine & 2C-B
Park, Pool, Antichamber & Lots of Sex mydnmreviewacct ETH-LAD & Methoxetamine
Worrisome Side Effects Xorkoth 4-Fluoroamphetamine, Methoxetamine, 2C-T-21, Cannabis & Etizolam
Cosmic Singularity Xorkoth Methoxetamine & Cannabis

Retrospective / Summary » » »   more   » » » [57]
How Can One Live With Such Knowledge? The Explorer Methoxetamine & Cannabis
The World Was Made of Marshmallow Pillows AnarchaCannabis Methoxetamine & L-Tyrosine
Habitual Combinations vostochnik Methoxetamine
A Christmas Tale of Ego Death and Rebirth Wiccan_Seeker Methoxetamine
New Years Nystagmus Soma Sava Cannabis & PCP
I Would Describe It Similar to 3-MeO-PCP and 3-HO-PCP melange 3-Methyl-PCP
The More I Felt Poisoned by It Dave Methoxetamine
A Rather Unintersting Dissociative FlowGnome Methoxphenidine
Fun But Disappointing Experience Xerxes Methoxetamine
Unpredictable Trips Ralphy Methoxetamine

Preparation / Recipes   [1]
Using It Too Often Bad Idea rednax Methoxetamine

Difficult Experiences » » »   more   » » » [56]
Intense Paranoid Delusions and Terror TOnY Methoxetamine
Is This a Simulation? Sun Drugs Methoxetamine
Disassembled Into Atoms Tela PCP & Cannabis
Warning From a K-User jiffyam Methoxetamine
The World Shrank Jen PCP
I Can't Imagine How It Feels to Be a Dust Bunny Haha Sasha PCP
It Seems Like I'm Still Alive cylindricalchrist Methoxphenidine & THJ-018
Difficulty Unexpected dsig Methoxetamine & Cannabis
Fapster in Wonderland Fapster Methoxphenidine
Scaring Chemical Goliath Methoxetamine

Bad Trips » » »   more   » » » [18]
Lived to Tell a Cautionary Tale Stylepoints Methoxetamine
25I Mishap blotto 25I-NBOMe, MDMA, Methoxetamine, Cannabis & Nitrous Oxide
He's Lost His Marbles disorder bro 4-AcO-DMT & Methoxetamine
Amplified Hate dearpsychonaut Methoxetamine
A Friendly Warning Helikopte Methoxetamine
What the Hell!? L Cannabis & PCP
What the Hell Happened? Beth Marley PCP
Waiting for It to Happen louse Methoxetamine
Driving Off A Cliff With a Cult RaverAllstar PCP, Ketamine, Cannabis & Tobacco
Death Within Reach Alex PCP

Health Problems » » »   more   » » » [15]
Very Real Danger of Death Hellestopholes Methoxetamine
Suspected Overdose Be Careful anonymousMay3011 Methoxetamine
Over-Dosing Is a Dangerous Thing acid-droppin-hippy Methoxphenidine
Seizures and Other Problems Waldo Planisphere 6-APB & MXE
Using It Too Often Bad Idea rednax Methoxetamine
New Years Nystagmus Soma Sava Cannabis & PCP
Frightening Effects Persisted for 5 Hellish Hours Dusting Hoffmane Pentedrone, Methoxetamine, Bupropion & Guanfacine
Season of da Siccness d-doc hella sick PCP (on cigarette)
Death Within Reach Alex PCP
Long-Lasting Aftereffects! Ken PCP & Cannabis

Train Wrecks & Trip Disasters » » »   more   » » » [18]
Hunted by the Presence nervewing 3-Methyl-PCP, Methoxpropamine & Pyrazolam
The Incident PewterG Methoxetamine
I Smoked It by Accident SkipScramble Cannabis & PCP
Accidental Overdose Leading to Panic Attack deadrelatives Methoxetamine (MXE)
Ring of Saturn Guess PCP
Hell on Earth Nightmare Train Wreck volcommerce Methoxetamine
Methoxetamine Psychosis Imakamera Methoxetamine & Methadone
Not Exactly the Healing I Was Looking For SeekingHealing Methoxetamine
Feel Lucky to Be Alive March 25I-NBOMe & Methoxetamine
A Warning - Don't Be Stupid keithp318 Methoxetamine

Addiction & Habituation » » »   more   » » » [14]
MXE and Me: A Tale of Addiction Expect Methoxetamine
Season of da Siccness d-doc hella sick PCP (on cigarette)
Discovery Antidepressant Addiction and Pain academicexplorer Methoxetamine
Extremely Scary Episodes Bitrat Methoxetamine
A Retrospective of Addiction Radium MDMA, Ketamine, Methoxetamine & Etizolam
Eventually It Got Dark HOH Methoxetamine & Deschloroketamine
Chasing the Kaleidoscope NoStoneUnturned Methoxetamine
A Swift Kick in The Bum Chomper Methoxetamine
23 Months of Consistent Use Anon Methoxetamine
Lifelong Dissociative Freak Persistent PCP, Ketamine & DXM

Glowing Experiences » » »   more   » » » [47]
The Great Void of Heaven nervewing Fluorexetamine
First Time in the M-Hole GoldenMane MXE
There is No Fear Expect 4-AcO-DMT & Methoxetamine
Into the M-Hole mindspelunker Methoxetamine
The Mythic Calculus D X Meth-Head Fluorexetamine
No Time for Me to Properly Understand LST Fluorexetamine
I Think I Tasted Heaven anonymous Oxycodone, Methoxetamine & Cigarette
We Were Free Xplicit Methoxetamine
A Lazy Morning latexsanta Methoxetamine
The Chosen One and the Arrogance of My Ego CB 6-APB & Methoxetamine

Mystical Experiences » » »   more   » » » [18]
The Beautiful Chaos Lyle DMT & Methoxetamine
We are The Gods which is The Universe mindexplorer Magic Mushrooms, 4-HO-MET & Methoxetamine
Boom Sauceman PCP & Cannabis
I Am God! ReDragon PCP
A Lesson in Karma Young Hippy Teenager Cannabis & PCP
The Mingling Of The Golden Souls TheChemicalKid Methoxphenidine & Mushrooms - P. subaeruginosa
God is Love Asante Methoxetamine
M-hole Magic [This Satori] lucidcoyote Methoxetamine
Key Door Open Experience God P.Us.P. Methoxetamine
How Can One Live With Such Knowledge? The Explorer Methoxetamine & Cannabis

Health Benefits   [4]
Smart Drug? X PCP
Caution With Everyday Use Im_back Methoxphenidine
Needs to be Researched Further Birch Methoxetamine
Hope for Bipolar and Major Depressive Disorder Humble Swede Methoxetamine & Various Pharmaceuticals

What Was in That? » » »   more   » » » [23]
Something Extra D Cannabis & PCP
Suddenly the Smoke Changed jones Plant Material with PCP
Hallcinations, God and the Devil Typical stoner Cannabis & PCP
Demons Everywhere somerandomgirl Cannabis & PCP
Forever Changed smokemota PCP on Cannabis?
Laced With Terror and Insanity Anthony PCP & Cannabis
Peculiar C Methoxetamine (sold as Cocaine)
Requiem Emil Cannabis
New Years Nystagmus Soma Sava Cannabis & PCP
I Smoked It by Accident SkipScramble Cannabis & PCP

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